Lowell man accused of raping 9-year-old

A Lowell man was arrested Monday for two first-degree felony counts of rape against a 9-year-old victim.

Daniel M. Pottmeyer, 29, of 7959 State Route 60, is accused of performing two types of sexual acts on the child in Lowell.

The incidents allegedly took place between January and May, said Sgt. Scott Smeeks, a detective with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“This has been a fairly long-term investigation before we got the evidence we needed. It started in May with the child’s mother bringing the 9-year-old on station to file a report,” said Capt. Troy Hawkins with the WCSO.

The child was interviewed by Washington County Children Services and indicated that Pottmeyer had engaged in two different types of sexual abuse against the child. An alleged five to seven incidents occurred during the period of abuse, according to a press release sent out by the sheriff’s office. Detectives would not say the gender of the child.

“Utilizing investigative techniques, detectives were able to definitively link Mr. Pottmeyer and the sexual acts involving the child,” said the release.

There was no concern about the child’s safety during the months of investigation, said Hawkins. Pottmeyer is not a household member of the victim, he added.

“We knew that the child was safe,” said Hawkins.

Additionally, investigators do not believe there are other victims, said Smeeks.

Pottmeyer does not have any prior felony charges, according to Smeeks.

“He has some alcohol-related violations, but that is all,” he said.

According to Marietta Municipal Court records, Pottmeyer has previous convictions for disorderly conduct in 2005 and 2006, OVI in 2006, possession of a controlled substance in 2005 and 2008, and possession of drug paraphernalia in 2008.

Pottmeyer was arrested Monday at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, where he is an employee, said Smeeks.

He was interviewed and “made admissions” reportedly corroborating the child’s statements, said Hawkins.

Pottmeyer was held in the Wood County Jail Monday night pending his extradition to Ohio.

The first-degree felony rape charges carry a maximum prison sentence of 11 years each.