Guilty plea out of Newport shooting

A St. Marys, W.Va., man accused of a jealousy-fueled May shooting in Newport pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to felonious assault.

Michael A. Good, 36, of 4102 Cow Creek Road, was originally indicted in June on first-degree felony charges of attempted aggravated murder and attempted murder.

On May 26, Good reportedly stumbled upon a Facebook post showing his love interest, Amanda Carter, fishing with her husband Richard Carter in Newport.

“He thought he was going to dinner with her that night, but in fact didn’t because she was off fishing with her husband,” said Washington County Prosecutor Jim Schneider.

Good and Amanda Carter had previously spent time together that day, shooting a gun that Good had purchased for her.

During Good’s pretrial, Amanda described her relationship with Good as a strictly platonic one, albeit one with significant financial undertones.

Besides the gun, she admitted that Good had lavished her with many other gifts, including a laptop and an expensive ring.

After Good found the photo of the couple online, he hunted them down at their fishing location in Newport, said Schneider.

“He fired several shots at Richard Carter as he was leaving. One caught Richard in the jaw,” he said.

Richard Carter was life-flighted to Charleston Area Medical Center and had a steel plate put in his jaw.

The gun, a .22 Magnum rifle, has not been recovered, added Schneider.

Both of the attempted murder charges were dropped Monday when Good pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony assault with a gun specification as put forth in a bill of information.

The charge carries a two-to-eight-year prison sentence with an additional three years mandated for the gun specification.

Good will be sentenced Monday at 9 a.m. by Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth.