Garbage ignites, fire contained

A Rumpke trash hauling truck had to dump its contents in a Colegate Drive parking lot Wednesday morning after a fire ignited in the refuse and began to spread to the bed of the truck.

The Marietta City Fire Department responded to 1404 1/2 Colegate Drive around 6 a.m. to find a fire raging in the body of the commercial trash hauling truck.

“The flames were three to four feet above the truck. The driver did a great job of making sure he wasn’t too close to the lines and dumping the fire out of the way,” said city firefighter Bob Davison.

Dumping the trash enabled the department to better fight the fire and helped save the $300,000 vehicle, said Davison.

Some of the debris landed on the roof and caught the roof of the truck on fire and the side of the truck bed was showing scorch marks from the fire raging inside, he added.

The truck, which is a top loading commercial garbage truck used mainly to collect garbage from businesses that have dumpsters, was able to be saved, said Rumpke spokesman Jonathan Kissell.

In fact, the truck continued on its commercial route after a safety inspection, he added.

The fire was contained within 15 minutes. After the trash had cooled, the Marietta City Streets Department used a backhoe to helped remove the pile from the parking lot.

“We greatly appreciate the quick response from Marietta Fire and the city for providing assistance during cleanup,” added Kissell.

The Major Crimes Task Force, certified to identify and dismantle methamphetamine labs, were called in to determine if the fire had been the result of a discarded meth lab.

However, no meth making ingredients were found.

The exact cause of the fire will likely remain undetermined, said Marietta Fire Inspector Richard Stewart.

However, Marietta City Fire Chief C.W. Durham noted that there are certain items that should not be thrown out with the regular trash. Items like paint, oil, certain cleaners, batteries and pesticides should be disposed of according to manufacturer recommendations.