Rumpke takes the big stuff

Marietta officials are concerned that residents may not be taking full advantage of a cost-saving service that’s part of the city’s new five-year contract with Rumpke waste and recycling services.

Under the new agreement, inked with Rumpke in July, residents can now have one large bulk item hauled away every quarter at no extra cost to the customer.

“Residents need to be aware that one bulky item, like a sofa, chair, hot water tank, refrigerator, washer, dryer or other appliance can be picked up every quarter for no additional cost on their trash bill,” said Marietta safety-service director Jonathan Hupp.

He said the city is encouraging residents to take advantage of the service each quarter by setting a bulky item out on their regular trash pickup days.

“One reason for this is to help keep people’s yards from becoming junked up with large items like furniture or appliances,” Hupp said. “This allows them to get rid of at least four large items every year.”

Councilman Mike McCauley, D-2nd Ward, whose water, sewer and sanitation committee helped work out the new Rumpke contract, noted the previous agreement required the purchase of a special sticker in order to have bulky items hauled away.

“Before people had to buy a sticker to have an old hot water tank picked up,” he said. “We put this in the contract so that at least one bulk item can be hauled away every quarter.”

Jonathan Kissell, a communications director with Rumpke, said the company also encourages customers to use the bulk pickup service.

“We haven’t seen a noticeable increase in our bulk item hauling since July. But we want city residents to make use of all the services they’re paying for,” he said. “We just ask that they notify us 24 hours ahead of time if they’re going to have a bulk item to pick up. That allows us to arrange for enough staff to handle the heavier items.”

Kissell said a $15 sticker is required if more than one bulky item is to be hauled away during each quarter. The stickers can be purchased at Greenleaf Landscaping, Kroger, Giant Eagle and Warren’s IGA.

He said questions about the service can be answered by calling Rumpke toll free at 800-828-8171.

Another addition in the new Rumpke contract is the ability for folks who recycle to have a larger container in which to place their recyclables.

Currently all customers are provided at no cost a small red container for recyclables. But under the new contract a large, 60-gallon container with wheels and an attached lid can be obtained for an additional $2 per month.

“These hold a lot more than the red containers and the lid keeps cardboard and paper recyclables dry in case of rain,” McCauley said. “Those materials have to be discarded if they get wet.”

He added that the new Rumpke contract does not cost citizens any more than the previous five-year contract, but they now have more options available.