Brothers earn scouting award

A pair of brothers from Reno are being honored with awards from the Boy Scouts of America for recently leaping into action and helping during medical emergencies.

On separate occasions, Aaron Kennon, 15, and Dalton Kennon, 14, encountered friends and neighbors who were hurt or sick, and quickly and calmly helped guide the situation, using skills they learned as Scouts.

As a result, both boys are being awarded the Scout of the Month Award by the Washington District Boy Scouts of America.

The award is given to youth who perform a feat above and beyond normal scouting activities, said Traci Saffell, promotions and marketing chair for the Washington District BSA.

“The fact that they were such young boys and they encountered separate emergency situations is what makes this unique. It’s tough for a young kid like that to be calm and in control of the situation,” she said.

But staying calm is just part of the training the brothers have learned during their years of participation in the scouts, said Aaron, a sophomore at Marietta High School and a member of Boy Scout Troop 200.

“Scouts prepares you to be a leader and to take charge,” said Aaron, who is receiving the Scout of the Month award for the third time.

Aaron was nominated for the current award for helping during two recent situations- one where a friend sustained a head injury and one where a friend who is prone to seizures started feeling ill.

The first friend, a 14-year-old female classmate, hit her head on a steep attic ceiling during a get-together just before school started, said Aaron.

“She was really out of it. So I decided to check her out. I checked her heart rate, made sure her pupils weren’t dilated, checked her breathing,” he recalled.

The simple tests were all things Aaron learned in Boy Scouts, he said.

Though the friend checked out, Aaron still insisted on calling an ambulance. The responding paramedics determined the girl had a fairly serious concussion, he said.

Aaron also recognized signs of trouble when another friend was performing during the recent Ohio River Sternwheel Festival in September.

“She has seizures and I think she had just had a seizure the night before,” said Aaron.

Aaron and his mother noticed the friend looked sickly while performing on the Sternwheel Festival barge and went and retrieved her before the situation escalated.

Though Boy Scouts does a good job of preparing its members for such situations, it is always nerve-racking when they actually happen, said Aaron.

“It’s frightening when it’s happening in person. You read the book, but you never expect it to happen to you,” he said.

During the summer, Dalton also had an opportunity to help a neighbor in need.

A neighbor had flipped his four-wheeler and was injured along the road, said Dalton, an eighth grader at Frontier Middle School and a member of Boy Scout Troop 231.

“I just took his four-wheeler back up to his house and helped him back to his house. It wasn’t a big deal,” he said.

Dalton credits Scouts with shaping his demeanor during potentially stressful situations.

“You learn to stay calm. You learn first aid and CPR,” he said.

Both boys are to be awarded their Scout of the Month award at 6:30 p.m. today at Marietta Middle School.