Night at the museum

About 200 people came out to the Campus Martius Museum for An Evening at the Museum Friday.

The fundraiser was a hit and a unique after-hours experience for museum-goers.

“It’s so much fun to be somewhere after hours,” said Jeff Spear, Friends of the Museums board member. “It’s a great party.”

Event-goers were free to mingle at their leisure through all floors of the museum.

Two portions of the night’s entertainment featured a hammered dulcimer player and palm reading.

On the main level, Georgene Timko was reading palms. She said she enjoyed putting on a mystic’s outfit and reading the palms of event-goers.

“This is a great fundraiser,” she said. “I was thrilled about being invited, but nervous about sitting here all by myself. But that hasn’t been the case.”

On the lower level of the museum, Scott Cain was playing a hammered dulcimer.

“This is the precursor to the piano,” Cain said, adding that anyone who happened to walk by was free to play the instrument.

“It’s unique and people want to know about it,” he said.

Pamela Masseli, 42, of Marietta, is a repeat guest of the Evening at the Museum.

“We came last year and really enjoyed it,” she said. “It’s a who’s who of Marietta.”

Masseli added that the event was made better by the fact that it was in a museum.

“It’s a fantastic setting,” she said. “It gives us the opportunity to see the museums, what’s new and the importance of the museum and history.”

Jeri Knowlton, a Friends of the Museums board member, emphasized how important it was that the community got involved in the event.

“It’s such a lovely event,” Knowlton said. “I just love that the community comes out to support it.”

Peter Keim, of Keim Financial Services, was helping staff the event. He said it was great seeing the community getting involved.

“It’s great seeing people come back to the museum,” Keim said. “It’s an example of how great Marietta is. People are coming together to support organizations.”

Museum-goers included president of Marietta City Council Walt Brothers and his wife Sue.

Sue said she enjoyed being at the museum.

“I think it’s amazing the variety of things that are here,” she said. “We haven’t been (here) for many years, so it’s great to see it. And the candlelight tour of the (Putnam) house was amazing.”

Walt mentioned what a great piece of history the museum offers.

“It’s a little gem,” Walt said. “It’s a great event and I hope we can keep it going.”

A sponsor of the event, Eddy Biehl, owner of Stonebridge Operating Co., LLC, said that sponsoring this event was a great thing to do.

“History is a very important part of the community,” Biehl said. “Marietta is a historic town and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Beihl added that he’s very fond of history.

“I’ve always been a history buff,” Biehl said. “The atmosphere (at the museum) is great. But what’s fun is being with a group of people that share that love of history.”

The event fundraiser was to raise funds primarily for education.

“The bulk of (the money) will be used for education,” Spear said. “It’s getting people interested so they know what we’re all about. We’re not just some static exhibit.”