PS4: Hot ticket item sells out quickly

Patrick Tornes couldn’t wait to get his PlayStation 4, arriving at the Marietta Walmart around 9:30 p.m. Thursday for the midnight release.

But he had to wait to play it.

“‘Cause I had to come to school,” the Washington County Career Center junior said Friday.

Other folks wanting to take a PS4 home might have to wait even longer as several local stores sold out of the next-generation console which is set to go head-to-head with the Xbox One, releasing next week, this holiday season.

“We sold out of them at 8 o’clock (Friday) morning as soon as we opened,” said Danielle Van Wey, a sales associate at the Marietta Kmart. “We had people waiting at 1 o’clock in the morning for our doors to open.”

On Friday morning, said the Marietta and Vienna, W.Va., stores had sold out of the consoles. Some other stores in the region were labeled as having limited stock, and updated information wasn’t available Friday afternoon.

Van Wey’s fiance, James Everson, is a field specialist with Mosaic Sale Solutions, and helped with a midnight release event at the Walmart in south Parkersburg. He said area stores he worked with received a few additional consoles besides the ones that had been pre-ordered.

“Each store that had extra consoles, they were all accounted for before 7 o’clock,” Everson said.

Marietta resident Stephanie Merrill, 24, pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 from the GameStop in Marietta to make sure she would have one for Christmas for her younger brother. Of course, she plans to play it too.

“I liked the improved graphics,” she said, noting she’s a fan of the “Assassin’s Creed” series of games. “I’d like to seem them all in higher definition.”

Since it is a Christmas gift, Merrill hasn’t played her brother’s system yet, but she said the demos she’s seen haven’t left her disappointed.

“It’s been gorgeous, just looking at everything,” she said.

GameStop spokesman Joey Mooring said he couldn’t release whether the Marietta store had sold out, but he did say the company had obtained some consoles beyond those that were pre-ordered and expected the same to be true for the Xbox One, being released next week.

Mooring said people who want a PS4 can go to and sign up to be notified when one becomes available. The website currently says no PS4 systems are available online, and directs people to check with their local store.

Walmart’s Black Friday press release notes it will have a wristband system in place for items like the PS4 and Xbox One, so people can reserve their console and continue shopping.

Tornes bought a PlayStation 3 two years ago after growing weary of technical difficulties with his Xbox 360. Although he doesn’t play video games as often as he used to because of his job and love of fishing, he still wanted to save up and get his hands on “new everything – new controller, new game console, better graphics.”

“And everybody’ll have to get it eventually,” Tornes said, noting the previous generation systems will gradually be phased out, like the Xbox and PS2 before them.

Eventually is when Marietta resident Christopher Law plans to upgrade his console to the next generation.

“I honestly don’t see the need to upgrade consoles yet,” he said in an email. “New consoles (mean) cheaper games, extras and upgrades for the previous consoles, with less people to lag down the online experiences.

“Plus, waiting a while means I get to see what issues arise with the new consoles … and upgrade to the elite packages they’ll throw out in a year or two,” he said.