Teen’s arrest follows lockdown at PHS

PARKERSBURG -Police labeled an ongoing dispute between two Wood County males “teenage drama,” that led to the lockdown of two Parkersburg high schools Wednesday.

Jonathan Michael Loncala, 18, was charged by Parkersburg police on misdemeanor charges after his actions also caused a stir at Parkersburg High School that twice resulted in a lockdown of the campus.

Parkersburg police Sgt. Greg Collins said officials were called to Parkersburg High School in response to a report of a person on campus with a gun. Collins said through the investigation it was determined there was never a gun on campus.

Collins labeled the incident as “teenage drama” of a texting argument.

“This is an on-going feud between (Loncala) and another male,” he said. “It is not a threat directed at the masses. It’s two people who have a problem with each other.”

Collins said in the course of the argument Loncala texted a picture of a gun to other male, prompting concerns.

Wood County Schools Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling said police responded to the school parking lot, the building and the suspect’s residence. Parkersburg South High School was also briefly placed on lockdown as a precaution. Fling said Parkersburg South was notified due to a student’s association with Loncala.

“It was very well coordinated,” Superintendent Pat Law said.

Fling said Loncala is a person with history in the school system.

“That’s why it was a credible threat,” he said.

“We have to roll in hard,” Collins said of the police response. “We will back it off as we see fit, but that’s the way it has to be.”

Fling said police were able to contact Loncala’s father who got in touch with his son and convinced him to speak with police. Collins said misdemeanor charges against Loncala were being processed, as he was being released into his father’s custody.

Loncala walked off from his father and, Fling said, renewed threats against the other party. PHS was again, briefly, placed on lockdown as a precaution.

Officers relocated Loncala downtown and he was processed on the misdemeanor charges. Loncala is charged with sending a threat to commit a crime against another person and trespassing on school property. He appeared before Wood County Magistrate Brenda Marshall, who set bond at $10,000. Marshall also established several conditions, including a GPS monitor, forbidden contact with the male adversary and staying off school grounds.