Woman jailed for theft from a relative

A Marietta woman was sentenced Friday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to 90 days in jail for stealing from an elderly relative.

Jessica L. Stevens, 32, of 122 Tennis Center Drive, Apt. 16, pleaded guilty Oct. 15 to a fifth-degree felony count of theft from an elderly person.

On Aug. 24, Stevens stopped by the home of a relative who had been on vacation and was in the process of unpacking. She asked to borrow money and when he refused, she stole $700 from the man’s wallet and allegedly took his Oxycodone prescription.

The theft was one in a long line of thefts, said the victim, who asked not to be identified.

“A week before she took me for $160. She said she needed it for her fines. I found out a couple days later she didn’t have any fines. I know she’s buying drugs,” he told the court.

Before that, the victim caught Stevens and some others cutting up steel and removing it from the property.

“This stuff is going on more and more,” he said.

The victim said he hoped Stevens would receive counseling and drug treatment as part of her sentence.

Stevens was initially indicted on a fourth-degree felony count of theft of drugs along with the theft from an elderly person charge. However, the fourth-degree felony was dropped as part of her plea agreement.

Stevens, who has already been incarcerated for 78 days on the charge, said nothing throughout the proceedings Friday.

She was sentenced according to an agreement worked out by prosecutors that included 90 days in the Washington County Jail and three years of community control.

Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth also ordered Stevens to pay $700 restitution.

She will also be required to undergo evaluation for counseling programs after her release, said Burnworth.

“There isn’t much of a resource available to get you drug treatment,” he said, but added that counseling at L&P Services and participation in the court’s “Thinking For A Change” program would be good starts.

Burnworth encouraged Stevens to dissociate with old friends and work on overcoming her drug habit once out of jail. If Stevens continues her drug habit, she will likely be sent to prison for the maximum 12 months, he added.

“If you don’t deal with it, you’re going to be sitting in Marysville,” he said.