Opening of Red Roof Inn delayed

Though the exterior of the Red Roof Inn, located at 702 Pike St., is starting to look like the franchise namesake with its standard red roof, its doors will be opening a little bit later than originally expected.

Mahesh Nichani, owner of both the Comfort Inn and Red Roof Inn, said that after some setbacks, the hotel is expected to open around March 1 instead of Jan. 1. The hotel at the site of the former Econo Lodge was gutted and is being remodeled.

“There are new wires from the street into the building and that took a lot of time,” Nichani said. “Also, the new water line. That presented some hiccups and was time consuming.”

Nichani said despite the extended time spent bringing electricity and water to the hotel, about 80 percent of the rooms now have electricity.

Along with the new Red Roof Inn, another hotel, The Comfort Suites, is set to open on Jan. 20.

The Comfort Suites is located at 202 Cherry Tree Lane, off County House Lane and across from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Both hotels are expected to cater to contractors for oil and gas drilling operations.

Comfort Inn Assistant General Manager Shelbi Welsh said that work has been bustling next door at the Red Roof Inn.

“They’re doing a whole new flooring setup,” Welsh said. “It’s set up to Red Roof standards.”

Welsh said those standards include a combination of carpeting and hardwood floors in each room.

“We’re working closely with the franchise to bring the brand standard (to our Red Roof Inn),” Nichani said.

Guests will see a fresh look and new comforts in each room.

“There are all new beds and bedding,” Welsh said, adding that AmBath was taking care of putting in new tubs.

Welsh added that a lot of the painting and interior decorating had been completed.

“A lot of stuff was put on hold because the opening isn’t until March,” Welsh said. “They want to make sure everything is on the up and up.”

Nichani said current projects inside the hotel include finishing the wiring and bathrooms and putting in the smoke alarm detection system.

While Nichani waits for some light fixtures and furniture to be delivered, work is going on in the lobby and other parts of the hotel.

“We still have quite a bit to go,” Nichani said.