Woman pleads guilty over failure to appear in court

A Marietta woman who skipped out on her October sentencing on four felony theft and identity fraud charges pleaded guilty Wednesday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to a fourth-degree felony count of breach of recognizance.

April D. Calvert, 27, of 4500 Zion Ridge Road, was scheduled to be sentenced in October on three fifth-degree felony theft charges and a fourth-degree felony identity fraud charge in relation to Calvert stealing thousands of dollars in cash and services through impersonating her sister.

Calvert stole checks from a man in her care and later cashed them while posing as her sister. She also used her sister’s checking account and pretended to be her sister while hospitalized at Camden Clark Medical Center, accumulating medical bills in her sister’s name.

Calvert had twice signed personal recognizance bonds assuring her appearance at sentencing, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings.

“The defendant did in fact fail to appear,” he said.

Instead, Calvert called the court 10 minutes after the sentencing was scheduled to start, telling them she was still sick due to recent dental work. Calvert had initially failed to appear for a jury trial in the identity fraud case as well.

She was scheduled to be sentenced in October according to an agreed disposition that would have given her 60 days in jail and three years of community control.

However, Washington County Prosecutor Jim Schneider said he will argue at Calvert’s Jan. 30 sentencing that the original agreed disposition be voided.

“I plan on recommending prison in both cases,” said Schneider, referring to the theft, fraud and breach of recognizance charges.

Violating a condition of bond, which Calvert did by calling in sick to sentencing, is one of the few circumstances which can allow a fourth- or fifth-degree felony offender to be sentenced to prison.

Calvert faces a maximum total of six years in prison on the charges-one year each on the three fifth-degree and 18 months each on the two fourth-degree felony charges.

However, Schneider said he is anticipating the agreed disposition will be followed on the initial charges and Calvert will be sentenced to prison on the breach of recognizance charge.

“The judge has indicated he’ll abide by the original disposition and is leaning toward prison in this new case,” he said.

Calvert’s sentencing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Jan. 30. She is currently being held without bond at the Washington County Jail.