1 arrest in Norwood bar brawls

Two 15-people fights at a Marietta bar Saturday night culminated in the arrest of a Parkersburg man who then allegedly assaulted two Marietta police officers and nearly kicked the window out of a police cruiser.

Kurtis M. Walters, 20, of 1925 Dupont Road, was charged with two felonies and four misdemeanors out of the incident.

According to a statement of facts, Marietta police officers were dispatched to the Norwood Tavern, at 935 Greene St., late Saturday night in reference to a large fight inside the bar.

“They had two different fights involving about 15 people each time,” said Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite.

It is unclear what started the fights, he added.

“The officers talked to several people. It was one of those things where we got ‘Well somebody hit me first but I don’t see them here now,'” said Waite.

Officers arrived and were almost done sorting out the first fight at the front of the bar when a second fight broke out in the back of the bar, he said.

During the second altercation, the Norwood’s bartender, 23-year-old Rachel Ellis, attempted to confront Walters, and he grabbed her by the neck, said the statement.

“Walters then shoved Ellis up against a wooden fence and held her there,” said the statement.

Another patron intervened, pulled Walters off Ellis, and held him until officers could retrieve him.

The second fight did not seem to last very long, said nearby resident Claire Bogard.

Bogard and her family live directly behind the bar.

“We heard it, but it did not last very long. By the time I thought ‘Let’s go look,’ it was quiet again,” she said.

Fights at the bar are not frequent and if the volume does get loud, the patrons will typically quiet down at the Bogards’ request, she said.

“It’s pretty seldom that we go to the Norwood for fights,” added Waite.

After the second fight died down, Ellis and other witnesses pointed to Walters as the one who had assaulted her.

When Patrolman Mike Harlow placed Walters under arrest, Walters became verbally aggressive and then attempted to headbutt Harlow, according to police.

A second officer, Patrolman Michael Bonnette, intervened and helped escort Walters to the cruiser. But Walters reportedly got into the backseat of the cruiser and started kicking. He kicked Harlow in the groin and Bonnette several times in the legs as they attempted to safely close the door on him, according to the report.

Then Walters started to kick the window out, said Waite.

“He bent the frame of the door and popped the seals loose on the window. The glass came out of the track, but I don’t believe the glass was shattered,” he said of the cruiser damage.

Walters had to be moved to a second cruiser, according to the statement.

At the Washington County Jail, he tested a .237 percent blood alcohol content.

It is unknown if Walters had been served at the bar, said Waite.

According to the report, Walter’s age was not learned until he had been booked at the jail.

At the bar, officers focused their investigation on the bar fight and Walters’ arrest, said Waite.

Walters was charged with two fourth-degree felony counts of assault on a peace officer, first-degree misdemeanor counts of assault and underage consumption, and second-degree misdemeanor counts of criminal damaging and resisting arrest.

According to Marietta Municipal Court records, Walters has three prior arrests in Washington County for similar charges. He was arrested in August 2012, February 2013, and most recently in January for underage consumption. During the February 2013 arrest, he was also charged with disorderly conduct.

He is being held at the Washington County Jail on a $15,000 bond.