Caring for Marietta’s River Trail

Though Brian Stine has a full time job in the carpentry business, he wanted a way to give back to the community.

A love of the outdoors led him to get in touch with some people who were working on the River Trail, who soon put him in touch with Roger Kalter, D-1st Ward.

Kalter said there are still opportunities to adopt a section of the trail.

“We still need five groups to adopt areas along the new part of the trail,” Kalter said. “We need five more to get the whole thing covered. The number of people using the River Trail, there’s hundreds and hundreds of people.”

Stine was given a stretch of the trail stretching from the curve in Wayne Street over to Hart Street, which totals about one-tenth of a mile. He’s out caring for his section every week.

Question: When did you first start working on the River Trail?

Answer: It would have been last year, right after they completed the new section.

Q: Why did you decide to start?

A: I use the trail a lot…I’ve always been one to want to give back and I enjoy the outdoors. It’s a good way to give back to the community and do something I enjoy doing anyway.

Q: What do you do on the trail?

A: I pick up sticks and stuff in the green space. Last year I weed eated and mowed. I try to maintain around the trees and stuff. I pick up any trash that may be laying or any debris. I’ve talked to Roger about helping with areas around town where they’re weed eating and other things.

Q: Will that be other sections on the trail?

A: It’ll just be other areas. On the River Trail, they only allow you to do so much; they don’t want to overbook you. I’m already maxed out at what I can do there. There’s other areas around town with Marietta in Bloom. I’m trying to work with them and donate some time there.

Q: Do you volunteer weekly?

A: I try to do it weekly. It’s probably two and a half hours a week, except when I mow. The other night it was dark when I left.

Q: Do others help you, or do you maintain the trail alone?

A: It’s mostly just me, but I do have employees that from time to time will help me.

Q: Does it ever get challenging or boring?

A: No, it doesn’t. I kind of just started, I guess. I enjoy the work of it. It’s relaxing. It feels good to do it. When I’m down there, people walk by and you can tell they appreciate what you do. The appreciate the trail and all the work that goes into it; that’s enough.

Q: Do you have fun with your work?

A: I have a lot of fun with it. It’s fun to me; I enjoy the mowing and being around the people. It’s very enjoyable.

Q: Do you have upcoming plans for your section of trail?

A: Maybe some benches or trash cans. We’re going to try to do some planting flowery stuff to give it some color.

Q: How can people get involved with the River Trail?

A: They can get a hold of anybody who’s posted on the trail, who’s already adopted a portion. That’s how I got involved. They helped me get in touch with Roger.