Really big sale

This year will mark the fourth year the Beverly-Waterford area holds an annual Community Sale, where businesses and residents alike are encouraged to sell items at yard sales or for discounted prices.

Elizabeth Stephens, president of the Beverly-Waterford Chamber of Commerce, said the event got its inspiration from another event.

“I think it spawned off of ‘Home for the Holidays,’ and (the idea of) getting more involvement in the community with individuals and promoting local businesses,” Stephens said.

She said there is no centralized location for the event; it’s everywhere.

“It’s all over,” Stephens said. “Businesses and individuals are having sales. Just look for the red balloons.”

The sales will run from Thursday through Sunday, with almost all of the sales happening during the first three days.

Charlotte Kitts, president of the United Methodist Women, has been helping get the Beverly United Methodist Church, 700 Park St., set up for a Rummage Sale on Friday.

“It’s a semi-annual sale,” Kitts said. “We have one in May and one in October. We also have a bake sale that runs in conjunction.”

The sale will be Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We’ll have a bag sale at 3 (p.m.),” Kitts added. “Anything you can fit in that bag is three dollars.”

Kitts said there are a lot of clothes, dishes, glassware, knick knacks and toys.

“We go through everything to make sure it’s not torn or soiled,” she said. “(Items are) gently used …There’s just anything you can think of.”

She said the bake sale, which could have cookies, pies, cakes and fudge, would be active until the food runs out.

B&W Pharmacy is participating in the Community Sale by offering big discounts.

On Thursday and Friday, for every $25 spent, shoppers will receive $5 in B&W Pharmacy Gift Certificates. Restrictions include prescriptions, sale items and gift cards.

Manager Missy Huck said the Sidewalk Sale involves a lot of items.

“We’ve probably got thousands of items,” she said. “It’s going to be a garage sale times several.”

There will be all kinds of items including gift items and toys.

“You name it, it’s going to be there,” Huck said, adding that all items would be at least 75 percent off.

“There’ll probably be new items daily,” she added.

The sale runs Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Beverly resident Jeanne Perry, 80, is having a yard sale at her home, 904 Park St. She said she’s been participating since the event started.

“My daughter has three teenagers, and they outgrow their clothes so fast,” Perry said. “We’re participated every time they’ve had (the event).”

Perry said her sale would be Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Perry’s favorite part of the sale is seeing neighbors and some new faces. She said the sale is great for the community and the small businesses.

“It is a good deal,” she said. “I like to leave (my home) and go to the sales the stores have. It’s good to get some people in (the stores) and get acquainted with the store. I think it’s a good idea for new businesses.”

Sandy Wright, owner of Sandy’s Bargain Barn, 2678 Hendershot Road in Waterford, said her shop would have a variety of things on sale. She said she’s been involved in the sale every year since it began.

Clothing will be half price and NASCAR items will be a certain percentage off. While many of the discounts have not been determined, Wright said there will be many.

“We’re still looking on some stuff,” she said. “There will be a lot of store-wide specials and a sidewalk sale, too.”

The sales will run Thursday through Saturday.

Wright said having a community wide sale is a good thing.

“It’s just nice that hometown people get together,” she said. “It brings people in from all areas. The more people who participate, the more people come in.”

Kitts said the benefits of a sale like this are huge.

“I think it just gets more people to shop at home and a lot of people love to go from yard sale to yard sale,” Kitts said, adding, “I think it brings us together as a community.”

Stephens said that the Beverly-Waterford area is a great place to call home, and it’s great that an event like this brings people together.

“It’s wonderful to have people come together to support The Beverly-Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce’s events like the Community Sale,” she said. “Also, it draws the people from outside the community to show that we’re more than just a drive-through town. This is a community event, where residents and businesses come together to create a unique shopping experience.”