Animal baby shower

VINCENT-Hundreds of children and their families took advantage of Sunday’s warm and sunny weather to visit the second annual Farm Animal Baby Shower at Sweetapple Farm in Vincent.

“We’ve had a very good turnout this year,” said Mona Barrett, owner of Sweetapple Farm, as she held a newborn goat for the crowd to see.

“This baby was just born Saturday,” she said. “We were holding a wedding ceremony and someone noticed the goat had just been born. When the baby finally stood up on his own everyone in the wedding party applauded.”

The goat kids were a main attraction during Sunday’s baby animal shower. Kayla Towns, 11, of Lancaster, Ohio, reached through the fence to pet one of the babies.

“I like them, but I think it would be a lot of work to have to keep them fed and their pens cleaned,” she said. “And I bet they eat a lot.”

Five-year-old Chloe Lightner and younger sister, Megan, of Belpre were also enjoying the baby goats Sunday afternoon.

“The ones with the horns are boys, and the ones without horns are girls,” Chloe explained.

Barrett said there were at least 11 goats on display during the baby shower.

“The goats are very cute and it’s easy for children to feed them out of their hands,” she said.

The girls’ mother, Amanda Lightner, said this wasn’t their first visit to Sweetapple Farm.

“The first time we came on a field trip with their school,” she said. “We had a really good time, and now we come out to the farm often.”

Brittany Menear of Parkersburg brought her nearly two-year-old son Lance DeVore to the baby animal shower Sunday. She watched as Lance reached into a tub and gently touched a baby chick.

“We celebrated his first birthday here. There were tractor rides and lots of animals to pet,” she said. “And we’re going to celebrate his second birthday here next week.”

In addition to becoming familiar with some of the baby animals, there were plenty of other activities going on at the farm Sunday, including hayrides, learning how to “milk” a wooden cow, making a scarecrow for the summer garden, and enjoying some great farm-grown food.

“The farm is a family affair for our family, and it’s a lot of fun,” Barrett said. “We bought it in 1991, and started offering tours in 2000. Now we host weddings, birthday parties, and events like our live Nativity Scenes in December.”

Located on Sweetapple Farm Road, off Ohio 339 in Vincent, Sweetapple Farm offers a variety of other events throughout the year. Farm tours are also available by appointment by calling (740) 678-7447.