Man accused of raping friend

A Marietta man has been charged with first-degree felony rape after he allegedly forced himself on a friend at her home.

Shawn Karcher, 47, of 272 Ridgewood Drive, Apt. G, remains in the Washington County Jail after his arrest Tuesday with bond set at $100,000.

The incident, which the victim reported this week, took place on April 26.

Det. Sgt. Scott Parks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that he believed the delay in reporting was due to the woman’s fear of Karcher.

“She’s terrified of him,” he said.

She had reported the crime to a friend the morning after, Parks said.

“We’ve located one or two other witnesses who confirmed what our victim told us,” he said.

According to an affidavit of facts filed by Parks , the 37-year-old Warren Township woman invited several friends over to spend the night at her home, including Karcher, a friend of 20 years.

She told Parks that after she went to bed she told Karcher to sleep on the couch but he instead followed her into her bedroom. When she told him to leave he pulled her onto the bed and raped her, she reported.

The woman told police she continually told Karcher to stop and tried yelling for help.

According to the report, during a monitored call to Karcher the victim made after reporting the alleged rape, he said he did remember her telling him to stop and apologized for not stopping.

In a later conversation with Parks, Karcher said he had sex with the woman but had not raped her. He went on to say she had said “no” at several different times, according to the affidavit of facts.

“He didn’t feel it was against her will,” Parks said. “He loved her and had always wanted to date her.”