Shared duties for athletic directors

By Jackie Runion

The Marietta Times

WATERFORD-The Wolf Creek Local Board of Education approved the decision to split the position of athletic director between two people at its regular board meeting Monday night.

Current athletic director Jeff Brooker, who also serves as the high school industrial arts teacher, will continue to attend sporting events at the high school and take care of most day-to-day meetings and activities.

Waterford High School social studies teacher Tom Simms will take care of any other events outside the high school, and other activities and obligations that Brooker cannot fit into his schedule.

Superintendent Bob Caldwell noted that the two co-athletic directors will split a supplemental salary, rather than each getting paid a full one in addition to their respective teaching salaries.

“There is a lot of nighttime hours required to be an athletic director, between meetings and games,” he said. “We’ll be splitting that 50/50.”

The supplemental salary of the athletic director is $7,598 annually, meaning both Simms and Brooker will be paid $3,799 each to share the position.

The district currently offers 13 sports for high school students.

“This is just being done so as not to overwhelm anyone with responsibilities and to create some congruency within the athletic department,” Caldwell said.

In other business, Treasurer Rachel Miller noted that with the recent legalization of casinos in Ohio, the district would be receiving about $33,000 in casino revenue going into the next year.

“Going into the future we’ll have some adjustments to make, and then we will see where we need to be,” Miller said.

She also said that going into a new fiscal year, she predicts that the district will end up spending less than anticipated and certain areas, like supplies.

In addition to changes made to the athletic department and financial predictions, the board also:

Hired someone to mow for the summer. Chad Augenstein was hired at a rate of $8 per hour.

Moved summer board meetings back; from June 9 to June 23; from July 14 to July 28; and from Aug. 11 to Aug. 18.