Solar power


Pickering Energy Solutions (PES) was on-site at Marietta College’s McCoy Athletic Facility finishing solar panel installation on Thursday. Dallas Ingram, pictured, was one of three workers of Davis Pickering & Company working to finish installation. PES Founder Chip Pickering said this is a second project for Marietta College, the first being the Pioneer House which uses solar-thermal energy to heat water. The current production is 2 kilowatts, but an upcoming Phase 2 project will put an additional 16 panels up, bringing total wattage to 6 kilowatts. There are 100 panels on the athletic facility roof that produce a total of 25 kilowatts, which promotes saving energy. “Since 2007, we’ve only used about 70 percent of the energy we used before then,” Pickering said. “I believe what we’re seeing is… We’re just being smarter about how we use it.” The panels, while installed, are not yet functional. Pickering said it should be about two weeks before the panels are up and running.