Warren’s young artists

By Jackie Runion

The Marietta Times


Life-sized drawings of celebrities, pottery bowls, still photographs and intricate handmade wood products lined the walls of Warren High School at the 53rd Annual Warren Art Exhibit on Tuesday night.

High school student art from advanced studio art, photography, wood, graphic arts and art classes are on display throughout the week, with an open house for the public held Tuesday evening.

“This is generally the best from each project we do, and then I select certain pieces based on effort that deserve to be represented,” said art teacher Aaron Place.

Those projects included oil paintings, ceramics, photography and sculptures, and new to the show this year were products from wood and drafting classes, from a scaled model of a beach house to different small furniture pieces.

“We have always exhibited student art (from woods) but decided we needed to combine it with the art show because it is all visual,” said industrial arts teacher Rod Rauch.

Senior Emily Brannan is planning on attending the University of Akron for art education next year, and included in the art show, among several of her pieces, was a pencil drawing of Kurt Cobain.

“I am a big fan, and I worked off of a picture of him to do it,” Brannan said. “It took me about three days to finish.”

Senior Kyle Conley also had a wide array of pieces in the show, including a life-sized drawing of an anime character and a colored pencil drawing of the Looney Tunes.

“I’m planning on going to school to be an engineer, but who knows, all of this might change my mind,” he said.

The celebrity and fictional character depictions drew in a lot of eyes, with everything from the popular animated movie Frozen to drawings of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus.

Senior Kelley Johnson’s life-sized drawing of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White took her the entire school year to complete.

“I’m not even a big fan of the show, but my little brother said I had to draw it, so I went for it,” Johnson said. “Now that I’m done I really love it, and I might even try to get some money from it.”

Johnson, who plans on minoring in art at Marietta College with the hope to possibly go into art therapy, said she might just end up rolling up the drawing and giving it to her little brother as a gift.

Photography work was also included in the show, and featured everything from cats to nature.

“She’s taken several in Pittsburgh and also right around the backyard, and she’s really learned a lot from it,” said Heidi Humphrey, speaking about daughter Halle Saboley’s photos.

Rauch said that displaying student photography at the school’s big annual show is a no-brainer.

“We have a lot of interest in photography at this school, and a lot of students end up going to college for it or for journalism,” he said. “We always emphasize the fine arts end of it while mixing in the technical aspects.”

Art will remain on display in the high school until Friday.