Confrontation with deputy leads to man’s arrest

A Muskingum Township man was jailed on charges of aggravated menacing, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal damaging, and resisting arrest after a standoff with deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Sunday.

Thomas Robert Voisinet, 33, 485 Muskingum River Road, allegedly drove a vehicle through a neighbor’s yard, damaging the lawn and some surveyor stakes, according to an affidavit of facts from the sheriff’s office.

The neighbor reported the incident and Deputy Scott Mankins responded.

Mankins said he observed the yard damage and spoke with the neighbor, then went next door to Voisinet’s home to hear his side of the story.

After knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell several times, Voisinet came to the door and Mankins asked him to open the door so he could speak with him.

Mankins said Voisinet refused and walked away from the door and opened a living room window.

The deputy again asked Voisinet to open the door but Voisinet picked up a bow and arrow and aimed at Mankins.

The officer ran off the porch, took cover and called for backup, stating he feared Voisinet would shoot him.

Another deputy arrived and Voisinet barricaded himself inside the house. Mankins said Voisinet yelled obscenities and threatened to hurt himself.

The two officers negotiated with Voisinet for approximately four hours, but were unable to get him to cooperate.

More officers arrived and eventually forced the front door open, but Mankins said Voisinet would not get down on the floor as he was ordered, so Mankins used a Taser to subdue him.

Once handcuffed Voisinet was checked for weapons and two knives were found, one in his belt and another in his pocket.

Also found was a pipe deputies said was commonly used to smoke marijuana that contained some residue.

Voisinet was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail.

Sheriff Larry Mincks added Sunday that at one point prior to the arrest, Voisinet attacked one of the officers and attempted to choke him. Mincks said Voisinet sustained some injuries due to the altercation and was transported to a hospital in Columbus where he was treated for an eye injury, then returned to the county jail late Sunday afternoon.

Mincks said Voisinet has a history of prescription drug abuse.