County unloads unwanted items online

The Washington County Commissioners are using an online site to try to get some cash back on equipment no longer needed in the county.

Those looking to purchase equipment can go to, an online auction marketplace for county, city and state surplus items. Both surplus items and confiscated items are sold there.

“We are utilizing for the sale of unwanted county equipment,” said Clerk Rick Peoples.

Commissioner David White said there are a number of items on there.

“It’s for any (county) equipment,” he said.

The website works with agencies of all sizes and will help the county recover some money that can go to help county residents.

Commission President Ron Feathers said good value can be found on the auction site.

“There could be a pretty nice deal for our citizens here,” he said.

Washington County is among more than 60 Ohio government agencies using the site. The county is expecting to use throughout various departments to dispose of surplus or discontinued items on a regular basis.

In other business, commissioners signed off on the county engineer proceeding with several different projects.

They approved the 2014 Asphalt Paving contract with Shelly and Sands for $1.46 million.

Also approved was a contract with Joy Excavating for $39,900 to repair a wall on County Road 25.

“It’s near the (Ohio) 26 end of the road,” said County Engineer Roger Wright. “(A) stream runs right beside the road and there’s an old wall, maybe something that would have been done in the 1920s or 1930s.”

Wright said the wall has worn down over time.

“Over time, the wall has started to slide into the stream and the mortar has (deteriorated) over the years,” he said. “We need to remove what’s left of the wall before the road gets completely washed out.”

He said the plan is to create a new type of wall that will last a long while.

“We’re going in with a gabion basket wall,” said Wright. “It’s a chain link fence with the boxes galvanized. We’ll fill them with rock and build the wall out of that…We should get it rebuilt and it will be there another 75 to 100 years.”

Wright said construction will probably start within the next two weeks.

“We wanted to get it fixed before we have more damage and it ends up being more costly,” he said.

Wright also got approval to send out bids for the bridge replacements on County Road 4 and County Road 22.

The Lightfritz Bridge on County 4 and the Schultheis Bridge on County 22 will be put out for bids soon. The goal is to have the work done before school resumes.