Police officer’s file lists past domestic issues

A Marietta police officer recently put on administrative leave was previously put on leave in November following two incidents that required law enforcement investigation.

Brandon H. Chapman, 41, of 2701 Mill St., Coolville, who recently surpassed 10 years of service with the Marietta Police Department, was put on paid leave and charged with disorderly conduct following a June 2 altercation with his estranged wife at her eye doctor’s office.

The incident is the latest in a string of domestic squabbles that stretch back to Oct. 29, 2013, when Chapman was investigated by the Athens County Sheriff’s Office for assault for reportedly punching the man he thought to be involved with his wife.

According to an incident report from the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, Chapman asked Coolville resident John A. Carpenter to meet him at the Torch ball fields to discuss the nature of Carpenter’s relationship with his wife.

“Carpenter agreed and after an argument, Carpenter advised that Chapman struck him on his left jaw using a closed fist,” according to an incident report from the sheriff’s office.

Carpenter called the police and reported that Chapman had busted his lip open. However, he emailed the Athens County Sheriff Office the next day and asked to have the charge dropped.

As a result of the criminal incident in October, Chapman was suspended from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team, which includes officers from multiple agencies. On Oct. 31, Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite emailed Chapman informing him of the suspension “pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative investigations.”

Shortly after, on Nov. 2, Chapman’s wife called the sheriff’s office asking for a welfare check on her husband at his home, then in Warren Township, where she reported her husband had been binge drinking for four days and had told her he burned all her belongings and may harm himself.

Chapman was not charged criminally out of the matter.

He was put on administrative leave the night of the incident by Waite. That leave lasted seven work days, Waite said on Monday.

Chapman was never reinstated on the Special Response Team (SRT) and his commission as a deputy sheriff was canceled in March, according to a letter in his SRT personnel file.

Chapman has above average reviews on his annual performance evaluations from the Marietta Police Department, scoring from 63 to 75 out of 100 possible points on the six years’ worth of performance reviews made available Monday. Other performance reviews were not immediately available due to improper filing at a time of high turnover within the city safety-service director position, said current Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp.

Chapman also has several commendations in his file, including two since the November incident-one for assisting a stranded citizen and one for assisting with a successful drug investigation.

According to Hupp, Chapman will be the subject of an internal investigation now that the criminal investigation by the sheriff’s office on the June incident is complete.

“We will have a fact finding investigation, then any disciplinary measures will be made,” said Hupp.