Bond reduced in shooting case

A Parma man who allegedly shot his mother and stepfather at a Fourth of July celebration near New Matamoras was reportedly on LSD and another unknown drug at the time of the shooting.

The hallucinogenic drug was identified Thursday as attorneys made arguments for what bond should be for 26-year-old Andrew Denavich, of 6630 State Road Apt. 306. Denavich waived a preliminary hearing also set for Thursday.

Denavich is charged with four second-degree felony counts of assault, for shooting his mother and stepfather-Phyllis and Dale Huntsman-and firing toward his brother James Denavich and friend Tory Moore while celebrating the holiday July 4 at the Huntsmans’ undeveloped vacation property in Grandview Township.

Andrew’s mother was listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries after being shot in the stomach, but her condition is now improving, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings.

“We can safely say her life is no longer at risk as a result of these injuries,” he said.

Dale Huntsman was shot in the arm, treated locally, and released from the hospital Sunday.

The couple are expected to soon have a protection order against Denavich.

James Denavich, who was present in court Thursday, said he did not desire a protection order from his brother. But after a phone call to Dale Huntsman, Rings recommended protection orders be ordered for the Huntsmans.

“He indicated he would like a protection order,” said Rings. “His exact words were ‘I don’t think I want to see him anymore.'”

According to the initial police report, Andrew had snorted an unknown drug obtained in his hometown. But he is believed to have been on two drugs when the incident occurred, Rings revealed Thursday.

“We know for almost certain that LSD in one of the drugs,” said Rings.

Possession of the controlled substance is one of many additional charges for which Denavich could face indictment.

Other possible additional charges include using a weapon while intoxicated, discharge of a gun into an occupied structure and gun specifications, said Rings as he argued for a bond similar to the $650,000 one already in place in the case.

Denavich’s attorney, Rolf Baumgartel, argued for a reduced bond, saying that his client was not a threat to the community or his victims. Denavich’s father had been in contact with his employer, and indicated Andrew could keep his job if bonded out soon, said Baumgartel.

Denavich told Marietta Municipal Court Judge Janet Dyar Welch that he works for First Energy. He has been there six years, said Baumgartel.

Though the current charges reportedly took place while Denavich was on drugs, he is not a habitual drug user as evidenced by a history of drug screens performed by his employer, argued Baumgartel.

“He is periodically screened without warning and has passed those drug screens. I believe there may have been one screen in which he tested positive for THC,” he said.

If he posted bond, Denavich would comply with any orders, including drug treatment or following a protection order if one was issued, said Baumgartel.

More than one gun was confiscated from the scene of the shooting, said Sgt. Scott Smeeks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. All but one-a Sig Sauer rifle belonging to Andrew Denavich-were returned to Dale Huntsman, said Smeeks.

Welch inquired about other guns to which Denavich would have access if he posted bond.

Denavich listed a Smith and Wesson revolver, an AK-47, a Spanish Ruby pistol and a Para Ordnance P16 pistol as other guns in his apartment, where he lives alone.

Baumgartel said Andrew’s father was willing to collect the guns from the apartment.

The guns would have to be turned into the sheriff’s office before Andrew would be allowed to bond out, noted Welch before modifying bond in the case.

Welch reduced the bond on the first count from $500,000 to $50,000. When bond was set Monday, there was concern the charges would be elevated.

“I was concerned obviously that the felonious assault would be a homicide. Since apparently we’re now out of mortal danger, I will modify that bond to be consistent with the other bonds,” said Welch.

Andrew’s total modified bond is now set at $200,000-$50,000 on each of the four charges.