Human Traffickers Arrested in Marietta

A man accused of prostituting women out of a local hotel was arrested Thursday morning.

The man gave his name as Xavier Freeman, but investigators with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Major Crimes Task Force believe the identity provided is false.

Freeman and the women were stopped while driving away from the hotel. Freeman was concealing nearly $7,000 cash and 181 Hydromorphone pills in his pants.

Also arrested was Shaasia Jones, who is believed to help Freeman photograph the girls and list them on a mobile site as prostitutes for hire.

Some of the women involved in the ring were arrested for various drug charges. Some of the women reported Freeman kept them addicted to drugs and held debts over their head to force them to continue performing the sexual acts.

State and federal investigators have been called in to assist in the human trafficking investigation.

For more information, see the weekend edition of The Marietta Times.