AP: Kasich to end bid for White House, Sources Say

UPDATE: Associated Press reports sources say Ohio Gov. John Kasich will end his bid for the White House today.

COLUMBUS – Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the only remaining Republican presidential candidate besides presumptive nominee Donald Trump, has canceled a press event and scheduled an announcement for this evening.

“Today’s press gaggle in Dulles has been canceled,” an announcement emailed by Kasich’s campaign at 11:38 a.m. says. “Gov. Kasich will deliver a statement in Columbus at 5 p.m. EDT today.”

The location is to be determined.

The field of GOP presidential hopefuls dropped from three to two last night after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign following Trump’s victory in the Indiana primary, leaving him about 200 convention delegates shy of the number required to clinch the nomination.

On Tuesday night, Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, released a statement saying the second-term Ohio governor was staying in the race.

“As long as it remains possible … Gov. Kasich will continue to campaign and offer the voters a clear choice for our country,” he said.