Q&A: Job profiler a boon for Career Center

Alicia Miller

The Washington County Career Center now has an ACT Job Profiler on staff. Alicia Miller, Assessment, Outreach and IT training manager, recently earned the credential after completing eight weeks of training.

Having a profiler on staff will allow the Adult Technical Training Center at WCCC to assist local companies with hiring, said Director Tony Huffman, in a release.

“A small investment from companies on the front end, through job profiling and administering benchmark assessments, can save time and money in the long run,” he said. “Given that the interview process is often subjective in nature, companies can objectively gain confidence in their choices of who to hire when instituting job profiles and WorkKeys assessments.”

Miller said while some profiling was done before by the career center, she’s excited to be able to offer even more to local businesses.

Question: How did you become interested in learning to be a job profiler? How did the training come about?

Answer: There was an offer from a consortium that we’re a part of because the consortium had received a grant. They’re trying to get more profilers in Ohio. So I was one of 10 in Ohio who did this training.

Q: When was the training? How intensive was it?

A: It was through the first week of March. It was seven weeks of online work and four days of training in Columbus. It was very intensive…on top of what I normally do I had to dedicate 20 hours a week to the at-home workshops.

Q: What exactly does a job profiler do?

A: A company can contact us and hire us to help with the hiring screening process or task list. We go in and perform a profile with the employees in those positions. We come out knowing what skill sets are needed at the time of the hire. There are then WorkKeys assessments they’re measured by. It’s a really neat process.

It takes a lot of time with HR and with employees, coming up with documents to show employees and finding out ‘Does this look like what you do?’ or ‘Tell me more about what you do.” Then we can use that in the skills assessment and set a benchmark for entry level and higher levels. We give the company a big report at the end.

Q: Have you started any profiles since your training?

A: Not yet. It takes a lot of preparation before you can start. You tour the company, do a lot of research…I’m just really excited to have completed it and to get out there.

Q: Are there certain types of businesses you think will use this or is it really across the board?

A: It could really be anything across the board and any position from a secretarial position to an engineering position.

Q: Putting yourself in the company’s shoes, what are the benefits for them?

A: There are a lot of ways that it can help. Basically what we provide is a report based on content validity–that’s a term they really stress. It’s not subjective. It’s just a huge benefit you have in the employment process. It should save them money, keep them from having high turnover and give them candidates that are more prepared.

Q: What is the benefit for the career center in having a trained job profiler?

A: Outreach to businesses is one thing and we also provide a lot of support. We can be a testing site where they send people to come test.

Kate York conducted this interview.