Church groups gather to pray at Point Park

PARKERSBURG — An estimated 1,000 people congregated at the Point Park Amphitheater Saturday for a morning of prayer and praise and worship singing.

Nine local pastors from various denominations in Wood and Washington counties played a part in the Pray at the Point event, while other pastors were in attendance.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin worked with the pastors to plan the morning of prayer, along the Ohio River, for the Mid-Ohio Valley.

“I want to thank you all for participating in this event,” Martin said. “I believe that this will invite a tremendous change for our city from God. We all agree that God is the only answer, the answer for all of the problems and obstacles that we all face everyday. I believe this prayer event will change hearts and lives throughout our churches, awaken prayer warriors that may have given up.”

The nine pastors led the large gathering in prayers and spoke briefly. Several songs were sung during the praise and worship time.

Communion wafers and small cups of juice were passed among the crowd, which stretched to the floodwall, at the end of the Pray at the Point.

Pastor David Chisholm of The Rock church in Parkersburg was one of the prayer leaders. He said it was wonderful to see all the different churches coming together to pray.

“We asked God to help the city and valley,” Chisholm said, adding God wants for all people to be saved.

Pastor Rodney Lord of Freedom Gate Church in Marietta was another prayer leader. Lord said Saturday’s event was a powerful expression of Psalm 133 – about blessings being released when people speak in unity.

The prayer event connected churches on both sides of the river in a great expression of the churches in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Lord said.

Tara Pickens, of Parkersburg, said it was amazing to see all churches coming together to unite for the same reason.

Martin said he was glad to participate in the unification of all churches, from all denominations, to pray for the city and valley.

Tay Day, who recently moved to Mineral Wells from Vienna and attends The Warehouse Church, said it was amazing to see all these people come out to pray together at Point Park.

“It was beautiful. I loved it. It was a step out in faith,” Day said.

Terry Kennedy, of Parkersburg, who also attended Pray at the Point, said people need to reach out to others in the community, to show there is hope for the problems they face.

“Jesus is our hope,” he said.

Greg Nangle, of Washington, W.Va., described the event as “awesome, fantastic.”

“Any time you get the Body of Christ out it is awesome,” Nangle said, noting that a good representation of the region’s residents was in attendance.