L-A fire department social

DOUG LOYER Special to the Times Madeline Morganstern, 6, and her sister Sophia Morganstern, 3, both of Hackney, enjoy sitting in the Med Flight helicopter.

It was a hot day and the weather was fantastic for the Lowell-Adams Volunteer Fire Department to have their annual ice cream social. Buell Island in Lowell created a beautiful setting along the Muskingum River for the gathering that attracted a large turnout.

“This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said seven year L-A Fire Chief Josh Harris. “The weather held off and it’s beautiful. We hope to have a good night.”

Harris expressed how thankful he was that the community gets behind the fire department.

The annual social gathering has become a popular tradition in Lowell and serves, not only as a fundraiser for the local fire department, but it gives the community an opportunity to gather with friends and neighbors, enjoy some delicious food and show their support.

The fire department can’t function without community support and the community needs the fire department, so they go hand-in-hand. The money raised goes toward expenses and future equipment.

The L-A Fire Department now consists of 32 active members, eight honorary members and 14 Ladies Auxiliary members.

Two-hundred and fifty pounds of pollock fish were fried for the social that also offered french fries, hot dogs, sloppy joes, coleslaw, desserts and more. They also had 75 gallons of ice cream on hand from Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl to cool down those with a sweet tooth.

The country store was a busy place. Kay Worstell, president of the Ladies Auxiliary and L-A Fire Department member acknowledged the country store was going very well and was appreciative of the nice weather, good crowd and the great support of the area.

The ice cream social offered something to do for all ages. There was a raffle drawing, bingo, hay rides and inflatables.

Helping with bingo was Bernie Klinger, of Lowell, who has been with the fire department since 1958 and said that they had the social even back at that time. At that time, the social wasn’t held on the island, it was held in town.

“Back then, we didn’t have a lot of the equipment as today and we didn’t have all the training that is required as they do now,” explained Klinger. “I always liked being on the department because it was exciting. I used to live so close I could run to the fire department. When the siren went off, I was running down the street to the fire house.”

Klinger said the L-A Fire Department Social is a traditional community event and they usually have a great turnout and with the beautiful day they were blessed with Saturday, it was no exception.

As an extra attraction, a MedFlight helicopter made an appearance on one of the ball fields next to the social and attracted a lot of attention. Many people talked with the crew and got to have their picture taken in the pilot’s seat.

Justin Vrooman, lead pilot for Metro Aviation, Inc., out of Pomeroy, said that they like going to fire department socials to show their MedFlight helicopters to the public and to answer any questions people may have.

Hannah Ball and her son Dylan, 13, of Lowell attended the social with their new yellow lab puppy “Ratchet.” The ice cream was a hit with all of them.

“We come almost every year,” stated Hannah. “We like the food and sometimes play bingo.”

Joy Diehl and Nancy Dye, both of Marietta, took advantage of the gorgeous day to get out and enjoy the ice cream social.

“This is an awesome opportunity to come out and support a local fire department in our community,” said Diehl. “Plus … It’s really good ice cream.”

“We love this. We recommend everyone supporting the fire departments,” emphasized Dye. “They need us to support them.”