Napoli’s opens new Parkersburg restaurant

PARKERSBURG — Napoli’s has had a presence at 1617 Dupont Road since 1969, according to Wayne Waldeck, who co-owns Wal Bon, better known as Napoli’s and McHappy’s, with his brother Bill.

Lots of pizzas passed through the doors, whether it was eat-in or take-out.

That restaurant’s building is but a memory, as Wal-Bon constructed a new building behind the previous. It opened in January and Waldeck says the results have been worth the effort.

“We started designing a new restaurant in 2016 and construction started in 2017,” he said. “The old restaurant needed too many repairs.”

With the opening of the new Napoli’s, Waldeck said employment increased by 15 people with day and evening sales increasing.

“Both daytime and evening sales have increased substantially,” he said. “The biggest increase has been in dining room sales. With several new associates we have had some speed bumps in service but each day is smoother.”

Waldeck said the menu is the same as before but the location will be adding wine to the choices of beverage within the month. The Main Street location in Belpre has beer and wine on its beverage menu.

He said the increase of traffic into the south Parkersburg location has helped the Belpre restaurant as well.

“The south Parkersburg sales have increased substantially,” he said.

“This includes a spillover to Belpre which has a new banquet room under construction.

“All the menu items are selling well,” he said. “Pasta. Pizza. Subs. All are doing well.”

Waldeck added, “The competition is always there but after 52 years we still dominate the Italian restaurant foods market primarily because of our concern over quality and freshly prepared from scratch foods.”