Commissioners make distributions to townships

Washington County Commissioners conducted about 20 minutes of routine business at their weekly meeting Thursday morning.

Agenda items included approval of fund transfer requests from several departments, appropriations, travel requests, and bills. The latter was exceptionally large because it included quarterly distributions to the county’s 22 townships, ranging from $14,461 to Aurelius Township to $42,027 to Warren Township. The distributions are based on a formula that includes several factors, including miles of road the townships need to maintain.

An appropriation request for about $6,200 from the Marietta Municipal Court was tabled because commissioners wanted more information about it.

Commissioners certified five delinquent sewer accounts and added a request for the county auditor to add the amounts to the property owners’ tax accounts.

“They try to write this off as taxes,” commissioner Rick Walters noted, adding that it was generally an unsuccessful strategy.

The commissioners received the 2017 annual report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office without comment. The report, consisting of more than an inch of unbound paper documents, provided general information on the 162 cases the office prosecuted during the year. County clerk Rick Peoples said the report is required by state statute.

In concluding the meeting, Peoples noted that the commissioners will need to be represented at the Sept. 17 planning commission meeting because the agenda includes an application for a flood plain variance.

The commission meets again at 9 a.m. Thursday in the board room at 204 Davis Ave.