Free coats still being handed out at two Marietta sites

JANELLE PATTERSON The Marietta Times Barbara Robinson, left, and Jo Ann Ingram, right, hang coats Tuesday in the medium child section of racks for the Coats for Kids distribution held in the Dime Bank building this week and next week.

Snowy December days have helped the pedestrian traffic into Coats for Kids and for a free coat rack on Front Street.

Free winter coats, no questions, are being distributed in two Marietta locations for those who need them.

“I ran out today,” said Kitty Knowlton, a paralegal at the Barkan Meizlish law firm in the 200 block of Front Street, on Wednesday.

This is the second year she’s put out a coat rack with the simple sign saying “Need a coat? Take one! Want to help? Leave One!”

And this year she started off with 30 coats leaving the rack, though she hopes to help just as many people as last year.

“We saw between 350 and 400 coats leave the rack, I had it up all winter until February,” she explained.

That coat rack works on the same premise that the R.S.V.P senior volunteers have for their Coats for Kids drive which will distribute coats again today and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We ask no questions, you can come in and take what you need, we just ask that you write your name and how many coats you took,” explained Jaye Warman, of Marietta, as she volunteered Tuesday in the first floor of the Dime Bank at the corner of Putnam and Second streets.

“Last Tuesday was awesome. We gave away some 175 coats,” added Barbara Robinson, of Devola.

“Yes, the cold weather has definitely shuffled people in the doors,” chimed in Jo Ann Ingram, of Tunnel. “Last year when we were distributing it was balmy at first.”

As of Tuesday, they had distributed 258 coats of all sizes, though the children’s coats fly off the racks the quickest.

“And we’re still taking any donated,” added Ingram. “Plus hats, scarves and gloves.”

If you go:

• Coats for Kids: will distribute today and Dec. 11, 12 and 13 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. with coats for all ages, both for children and adults at the Dime Bank, corner of Putnam and Second streets.

• Front Street free rack: will distribute all winter outside of Barkan Meizlish law firm in the 200-block of Front Street.

• Donations may be dropped off at the Dime Bank through next Thursday, and at the Front Street rack all winter.

Source: Times research.