YMCA emphasizes safety in sports

The Marietta Family YMCA places a large emphasis on sports safety in all of their sports programs. The YMCA believes that putting safety first in youth sports boosts trust levels between participants and their families and the organization and YMCA staff; creating a secure and confidence-building learning environment. In order to ensure safety during its programs, the YMCA modifies and teaches its sports at age-appropriate levels and provides constant supervision to ensure that training levels are gradual and that no unsafe activities occur. In order to make sure all programs are safe for its participants, the YMCA collects medical waivers, inspects its facility spaces to ensure that they are sufficient to participate in, regularly inspects its equipment, and has risk management plans set in place from the start of the programs.

The Marietta Family YMCA is a firm believer in providing a safe environment for young children to learn sports through practices and games. The YMCA does its part to ensure that its activities are conducive to the health and well-being of all of the participants involved. Furthermore, its coaches and staff reinforce wellness concepts through sports and work with participants to help them have a valuable experience.

Following the philosophy of the Marietta Family YMCA, they are remaining up-to-date with new legislation that is being passed regarding sports safety. This includes a new concussion legislation that requires youth sports organizations to provide guardians of program participants with an information sheet on concussions and head injuries.

Regarding this new legislation, Program Director Charlie Wilson stated, “We believe that this new legislation will better inform each sport related program. It will help our overall program efficiency and safety and strengthen our YMCA areas of focus: Healthy Living, Social Responsibility and Social Development.” For more information on sports safety or sports programs offered at the Marietta Family YMCA, feel free to stop in or contact us at 373-2250, visit our website at www.mariettaymca.com, or on Facebook.