Little Mr. and Miss Sternwheel contestants

Special to the Times

The 2013 Little Miss and Mister Ohio River Sternwheel Festival Pageant will be 7:30 p.m. Friday in the ballroom at the Lafayette Hotel at 101 Front St., next to the Ohio River Levee.

Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for children ages 12 and under.

The pageant is for boys and girls from 5-8 years old. The winning boy and girl will serve as the train-bearer and crown-bearer for the Queen Coronation at 7 p.m. Saturday. They will be judged on poise, appearance, on-stage introductions and a short personal interview. The girls will model party dresses and the boys will wear suits or Sunday best.

The Little Miss Sternwheel winner will receive a tiara, a sash and other prizes, including a doll from My Favorite Things. The Little Mr. winner will receive a captain’s hat, a sash and other prizes, including a bicycle from Toys R Us.

The 2013 Little Miss Sternwheel contestants include:

– Khloe Cooper, daughter of Greg and Melissa Cooper of Belpre

– Kennedy Brown, daughter of Donnie and Julie Brown of Marietta

– Annalei Thrasher, daughter of Cressa Powell and Brad and Cindy Thrasher of Marietta

– Alana Cooper, daughter of Greg and Melissa Cooper of Belpre

– Aurora Belle Cobb, daughter of Iain and Nicole Sheridan of Williamstown

– Laikyen Doak, daughter of Fantasy Green and Michael Doak of Marietta

– Madison Roberts, daughter of Savannah Jones and Ryan Perry of Marietta

– Madison Roesch, daughter of Carolyn Stephanik Roesch of Marietta

– Alexis Wynn, daughter of Ben and Tiffany Wynn of Vienna

– Alexis Martin, daughter of Nicole and Matt Martin of Marietta

– Cailey Jo Sparks, daughter of Tiffany McIntyre and Brandon Sparks of Marietta

– Alexa Wilson, daughter of Bill and Bobbi Wilson of Marietta

– Danielle Handschumacher, daughter of Shonna and Jason Dick of Marietta

– Amanda Rauch, daughter of Brett and Dawn Rauch of Marietta

– Tiana Tauber, daughter of Victoria Poellot Tauber of Parkersburg

– Gwyneth Rauch, daughter of Frank and Dawn Rauch of Marietta

– Maeghan O’Neill, daughter of Erin O’Neill of Marietta

– Isabella Becker, daughter of Christopher and Tiffany Becker of Marietta

– Gabriella Dill, daughter of Stephanie Lancaster and Trad Dill of Sardis, Ohio

– Lyanna Smith, daughter of Bradford and LeeAndra Smith of Marietta

– Cassidy Graham, daughter of Shawn and Alecia Graham of Marietta

– Mariah Dawn Carpenter, daughter of Wendy and Matthew Carpenter of Marietta

– Geneva Cech, daughter of David and Amanda Cech of Marietta

The 2013 Little Mr. Sternwheel contestants include:

– Andrew Rauch, son of Brett and Dawn Rauch of Belpre

– Hayden Radcliff, son of Leslie Radcliff of Belpre.