Club news

Franciscan Meals

The Franciscan Meals board held its monthly meeting at Shoney’s Restaurant on April 10. Sixteen board members were present.

Chairman Judy Grize opened the meeting with prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting were read by secretary Suzie Walters. Treasurer Norma Lang gave the financial statement and reported that 81 volunteers, office workers and drivers, volunteered 243 hours to deliver 591 meals in March. Committee reports were given by Jackie Lang, driver scheduling, Mary Offenberger, client contact and Charles Kurner, supplies. The board members had a moment of silence for the passing of long time board member and driver, Elva Stuart. She was a founding member of the Franciscan Meal Program and will be missed by many.

Anyone interested in having meals delivered to their home should call the Franciscan Meals office at 373-7998 or Mary Rita Offenberger at 373-2762. Meals can be delivered five days a week at $3 per meal.

The Franciscan Meals Program is a non-profit organization and a totally volunteer program with no paid employees. The program is affiliated with Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Volunteers provide their own vehicles, gas and time. Food providers are Harmar Place, Marietta Center and Selby Hospital.