National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

The Marietta Chapter NSDAR held their monthly meeting on April 5 at the Chapter House. There were 14 members and five guests in attendance. Jane Morris and Martha Tipton were hostesses. They served a luncheon of salad, muffins and blackberry cobbler with ice cream.

Darlene Gage, who portrayed actress Isabelle Farnsworth, presented a program describing a career in the theater. She described a career that began with singing in minstrel shows. Then she started traveling with a vaudeville group. They could have up to 12 acts like dancers, jugglers, plate spinners etc. She performed skits from popular plays. Farnsworth moved to New York to advance her career. She went to open auditions and got a job with a traveling troop. Edwin Porter who worked for Thomas Edison was in the audience. He was working on vita scopes, single framed photos, and making a movie ” The Great Train Robbery.” Edwin offered her a part in the movie and she jumped at the chance. It was a great success. “Birth of a Nation,” was her next movie. She met Lillian and Dorothy Gish who were from Springfield, Ohio, her home town. The three ladies became friends. Theaters were called nickelodeons because admission was only 5 cents. They showed lantern slides to fill the time when they switched reels. Lantern slides covered subjects like etiquette. Please remove your hats etc. Movies were silent so narrative was written in subtitles. Subtitles included instructions on when to laugh or applaud. Piano music accompanied and matched the tone of the narrative. Bigger productions had orchestras. In 1929 sound was added to film and they were called “talkies.” The portrayal was entertaining and educational.

Regent, Anita Shumake introduced Katie Hall. She was the recipient of the Good Citizens Award. Hall was accompanied by Mary Beth Schultz, Belpre High School Counselor, and her aunt and uncle, Candy and Curtis Hall. Hall’s goals are to attend Marietta College, then culinary school and to eventually run her own business. Some of her accomplishments are being vice president of the senior class, president of the National Honor Society, October, 2013 student of the month at Belpre High School. She is in the top 10 in her class, a cheerleader for four years, a member of the Spanish honor society, honors in track and field, a volunteer at safety town and a girl scout. The topic of Katie’s winning essay was “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility to Preserve It.” She said to study our history and learn from what went wrong as well as what went right. We should learn about our family’s history and pass that on as well.

Hall will be honored May 16 on achievement day at Belpre High School. Zachery Husk who was our Marietta College Scholarship recipient was unable to attend the celebration.

Regent Anita Shumake opened the business meeting with rituals. Chaplain, Opal Miller led the prayer. Mary Cornwell, recording secretary read minutes from the March 14, meeting.

The next meeting will be held at the Chapter House at noon on May 3.


Belpre Garden Club

Martha Clark was hostess to the Belpre Garden Club at the Belpre Senior Center on April 14.

The club prayer was read by Gretta Bayne. Guests answered the roll call by naming a hobby which they enjoy other than gardening. Minutes and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Claribelle Lohr gave a reading about “green thumbs”.

Janet Robinson, president, announced the Spring Regional meeting to be held April 26 at the Syracuse, Ohio Community Center. She also mentioned a demonstration on container gardening at Greenleaf Nursery on April 24. Persons attending should bring their own container. Robinson requested Leslie Pittenger to report on Belpre in Bloom. Residents are asked to use pink as the primary color in their container and garden plantings. Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts will help with the current Belpre in Bloom endeavor. Judging will be July 7 and 8. Seventy-five American chestnut trees have been planted. The Civitan Club will hold a garden sale on May 3 at the Civitan Club Building on Blennerhassett Ave., adjoining Civitan Park. Susie Casto announced that the Belpre Chamber of Commerce is encouraging everyone to take part in May Madness Shopping and shop locally. There are cards to be punched at local businesses and prizes to be won.

The hostess assisted by Rita Stealey presented a program on spring wildflowers. Martha Clark stated they are ephemeral, meaning lasting a very short time and they disappear when trees are in leaf. Rita gave a reading “Pink” and described the pink moon. Guests received a list of perennial and annual flowers which have pink blossoms and would be appropriate to plant to comply with the Belpre in Bloom color theme. Maudeline Carmichael presented the club with a box of greeting cards which she had purchased in Amish Country. Refreshments were served by the co-hostesses.

Gretta Bayne was the recipient of the hostess gift. The next meeting will be May 12 with the place to be named later.

Sandhill UMW of Reno

The Sandhill United Methodist Women of Reno met April 10 at the church with 14 members answering roll call with their favorite flower.

Joan Brown started the meeting with devotions. President Nora Pugh thanked everyone who donated their time for the soup dinner. There were 17 pots of different soups. Also 96 hot dogs were sold. Cookbooks are in publication and should be received by May 1.

The Mother/other dinner was discussed. Flowers for table decorations will be needed.

Ladies nite out will be June 12 at the Chatterbox in Beverly. Meet at the church at 5:15 p.m. to carpool.

The guest speaker was John Wright who teaches kick boxing and karate at Washington State Community College. He gave some points on how to protect themselves if they feel threatened and also how to protect yourself against identity theft.

Hostesses were Carol Thomas, Irene Stevens and Barb Jurin.

Next month the Mother/other dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m., May 8, at the church. Bring a covered dish and guest. All ladies of the church are invited to attend.