Warren High School Choir banquet held

The Warren High School Choirs held their Annual Award Dessert Banquet, May 8, in the high school cafeteria. Director of Choirs, Mary Margaret Lowther Nuzum, presented the following awards: American Guild of English Handbell Ringers INSIGNIA PATCHES to the first year handbell ringers: Lindsey Colvin, Zoe Funk, Allyssa Kern, Katie Knowlton, Sarah Saho, Kaci Barth, Cheyenne Brown, Sheyenne Dunn, Ellen Betkoski, Courtney Griffiths, Mikayla Heiss, Alec Ingra, Theodore Williams and Hallie Wilson.

Receiving CHEVRONS for the second and third year ringers were: Katlyn Coffman, Alyssa Huntsman, Shauna Johnson, Evan Lynch, TaiLi Matheny, Hannah Saho, Marlee Stollar, Megan Weekley, Janelle, Barth, Laykin Beardsley, Taylor Christopher, Abby Cogar, Sarah Cornelius, Braxton Harter, Corey Newlen, Emily Northrop, April Randolph, Tyler Schwendeman, Molly Simich, Maegan Williams, Taylor Goubeaud and Megan Yerex.

Receiving gold service bars as members of the VOICE CLASS and first year members in the department were: Allison Adams, Arizzona Albright, Emma Bailey, Savanna Bailey, Machelle Blankenship, Emily Brannon, Dereka Brutchey, Caroline Burkhardt, Kristen Cale, Hannah Gessel, Courtney Griffiths, Jacob Guess, Kinley Hardman, Chase Hill, Megan Jacobsen, Michael Johnson, Gage Kaptis, Ryan Kimble, Katelynn Knowlton, Allison Levering Nathan Long, Austin Lucas, Katherine (K.T.) Macchia, Jane Mahan, Lee Males, Virginia Offenberger, Elizabeth Phelps, Tanner Proctor, Cheyenne Putnam,Mariah Rexroad, Chloe Rhodes, Ariel Riggs, Sarah Saho, Chyla Sephfus, Faith Sheilds, Kateelynn Stalnaker, Kim Stanley, Kate Stull, Adrianna Treadway Kandra Vickers, Hydia Shanks Elizabeth Wigal, Keilli Wimer, SVHANNAH Wray and Sarah Wynn.

Choir Members receiving letters for their first year of service in A CAPPELLA: Devon Anderson, Aubrey Boothby, Brock Buskirk, Brooke Daniell, Brittany Dobbs, Ashley Dowler,

Katie Johnson, Ryan Kimble, Evan Lynch, Maggie McCutcheon, Madison Mueller, Natalie O’Dell, Marlee Stollar, Zach Sullivan, Mary Grace Swain, Emma Yabs and Stuart Yorgason.

A CAPPELLA members receiving gold service bars for being in the choir at Warren High for two (2) or more years were: Lara Eksi, Andrew Gaughan, Katelynn Anderson, Erin Bernardo, Kelsey Cheuvront, Amanda Davis, Brogan Davis, Brandon Dowler, Christan Ettigner, Alex Flesher, Zoe Funk ,Kristen Gray, Robert Henry, Christin Howell, Katie Kemp, Carly Matheny, Michael Merrow, Jordan Messenger, Emily Northrop, Brandon Pahl, Mariah Stollar, Lerxi Sydenstricker, Brittany Tipton, Kirstin Williams and Megan Yerex.

TREBLE CHORUS members receiving letter for their first year of service were: Carly Haffner, Kristen Cale, Anzley Schenz, Madison Yocum, Zoey Strahler, Shawna Truax, Helee McPherson, Hannah Saho, Brittini Cline, TaiLi Matheny, Tayla Kemp, Cierra Hall, Aubrey Boothby, Vadalyn Taylor, Rachel Grogg. K.T. Maachia, Jordyn Miner and Janelle Barth.

Those members receiving gold service bars for two (2) or more years in TREBLE CHORUS or being in the class were: Carly Matheny, Christan Ettinger, Becca Waters, Zoe Funk, Emily Hanlon, Ashley Edgell and Lauren Cunnngham.

BASS CHORUS students receiving letters were:Andrew Gaughan, Chase Hardman, Braxton Harter, Josh Jankauskas, Chris Massey, Andrew Mazurkiewicz, Ryan Potter, Chris Richards, Ryan Kimble and Hayden Smith.

Those members recognized for 2 or more years of service to bass chorus were: Brogan Davis, Brandon Dowler, Alex Flesher, Robert Henry, Evan Lynch, Eli Mallahan, Aaron Mazurkiewicz, Corey Newlen, Brandon Pahl, Andrew Spencer, Michael Merrow and Zach Sullivan.

Those students who were enrolled in the vocal department for four (4) years were presented with a Cross pen for their service and dedication. They were: Taylor Christopher, Molly Simich, Carly Matheny, Becca Waters, Zoe Funk, Katelynn Anderson, Erin Bernardo, Amanda Davis, Brogan Davis, Alex Flesher, Robert Henry, Michael Merrow, Mariah Stollar and Kirstin Willliams.

Taylor Christopher, Braxton Harter, Corey Newlen, Emily Northrop, Molly Simich and Megan Yerex were recognized for their participation in the Handbell Program for the four (4) years they were in high school. They were presented with a letter designed by previous Handbell Seniors of a Warren “W” with a gold handbell placed in the center of the “W” along with their Cross pen. Braxton Harter, Corey Newlen, Megan Yerex, Emily Northrop and Christan Ettinger received a pen/pencil set by participating in two (2) vocal/handbell music classes within the department for 4 years.

COREY NEWLEN was presented the OUTSTANDING HANDBELL MUSICIAN Awards. Corey is the son of Newlen of Vincent.

A new award was presented for the most improved handbell student who shows dedication and commitment to the handbell program. This award went to: Alec Ingram – Bells I, Katlyn Coffman- Bells II and Emily Northrop- Bells III.

The underclassmen awards for outstanding merit were presented to: MARCATO AWARD (Freshman) Ryan Kimble and Carly Haffner, the ALLEGRO AWARD (Sophomore) Evan Lynch and Aubrey Boothby, VIVACE AWARD (Junior) Kelsey Cheuvront and Brandon Pahl.

The NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD for service, contribution and achievement in choral music department was presented to Senior Braxton Harter. Braxton is the son of Harter of Little Hocking.

The Harold and Ann Suttle Lowther DIRECTOR’S Award, a scholarship started 20 years ago, was awarded in honor of Mrs. Nuzum’s parents. This award is given to a senior who demonstrates the qualities of dedication; self sacrifice and never is expecting praise. This year the award went to Robert Henry. Robert is the son of John and Anna Henry of Marietta Robert will be attending Akron University in the fall.

The ARION Award is given to a student who demonstrates exceptional talent. This award went to Amanda Davis. Amanda is the daughter of Pat and Rodney Davis of Cutler.

The “I THINK I CAN” Award was added by the Charlotte Rose Ribble family seven years ago. Mrs. Ribble had 3 grandsons to participate in the vocal music department, each of them for 4 years. She died of cancer and the family wanted to give a scholarship in honor of her. She was an avid supporter of the choral department never missing a concert or performance. Mr. Ribble has for several years did the favors out of wood the seniors. Brenda Evans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ribble, presented this scholarship award and a copy of “The Little Engine That Could” to Mariah Stollar. Mariah is the daughter of and Shelly Stollar of.

Students that participated in the District IX Honors Choir held at Warren in the fall were also recognized.

The A Cappella was recognized for their Excellent rating at STATE competition held at Bexley High School, Bexley, Ohio. The groups were complimented on their unified vowels and blend..

The 16 students that participated in a MUSIC FESTIVAL trip were recognized. They received a SUPERIOR rating. They went over spring break 2014 on this tour. They were: Christin Howell, Katelynn Anderson, Madison Mueller, Zoe Funk, Ashley Edgell, Becca Waters, Emily Hanlon , Janelle Barth. Eli Mallahan, Andrew Gaughan, Brandon Dowler, Aaron Mazurkiewicz and Zach Sullivan. This group was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Grand Champion Award, Concert Choir, in class A. They received a trophy with this announcement. The 2014 are in the running for this award which will be in August of this year. The received gold trophy medals for their superior rating.

All seniors will be presented a music medallion with a Warren Blue ribbon to be worn with their graduation robes representing their participation in the vocal music/handbell department.

The junior clsss presented the bloopers awards from this year’s “Music Legends” Revue. The awards went to:

Best Blooper-Robert Henry; Best Solo-Corey Newlen, Best Duet – Amanda Davis and Megan Yerex, Best Filler- The Price is Right; Best Dancer – Mariah Stollar; Best Costume – Don’t Stop ; Best Choreography – Dancing Queen; Best Act – Man of Constant Sorrow

Brandon Dowler were recognized for the participation in the OHIO MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION State Conference held in Columbus in February, 2014. They were part of a choir of 160 students selected from across the state of Ohio and were recognized for their commitment and selected for their strong and beautiful voices. Brandon is the son of Terri and Gary Dowler of Belpre, Ohio.

After a slide presentation to recap the year and senior memories and to carry on the tradition, the vocal classes joined in mass force to sing the school’s ALMA MATER to close the banquet. Approximately 350 were in attendance.