Second book for Marietta author

Award-winning author Sandra Kolankiewicz, of Marietta, has a second chapbook coming out, The Way You Will Go, now available for pre-ordering at The release date is Sept. 19. This is the second chapbook for Kolankiewicz, whose first book, Turning Inside Out, won the Black Lawrence Press Black River Competition in 2007. That same spring, her novel Blue Eyes Don’t Cry won the Hackney Award for the Novel.

Kolankiewicz describes herself as a ‘writer of the dangers of domesticity,’ and The Way You Will Go explores the contemporary challenges we all face: illness, aging parents, the minefields negotiated by teenagers as they grow into adulthood, how our notion of faith changes and matures as we are faced by loss and disappointment.

John Guzlowski, author of the internationally acclaimed book Lightening and Ashes, writes of Kolankiewicz, “…She is the poet of mysteries, the real ones that hide in the most common things (a pet rabbit, a child’s dollhouse), and elegies for what we’ve lost and what we’re losing and what we will lose. She has the gift the great poets have, the gift of telling us what we’ve lost in language so beautiful and rich that it almost makes us forget our loss.”

Clifton Snider, author The Plymoth Papers, writes, ” The Way You Will Go is a remarkable examination of life. Sandra Kolankiewicz’s keen eye observes diurnal and major events with the same imaginative detail. Among her themes are loss (of innocence, of youth, love, life), the need to care for one’s children, and other relationships.

David Klugman, author of THE FEELING LIFE, Reclaiming Your Emotional Vitality and Purpose says, “The poems in The Way You Will Go, often searing beneath the calm of seemingly easy language, tell stories about life with intensely personal urgency and importance. Each poem, in a voice at once strong and compassionate, present and complex, hits its mark like a blow to the body. The bruising is palpable, beautiful – Real. “

For those other people who dream of writing a book and having it published, Kolankiewicz urges, “The biggest difference between someone who has a book out and someone who just puts his or her work in a drawer is that the former is willing and able to risk rejection. We all start out unsure of yourself and the process of seeking a publisher, but if you keep at it, you’ll find a venue that suports your work. Simply ‘googling’ a question such as ‘How do I get published?’ will start you on your way. For every successful author, there are thousands who have never tried but are just as good.”

Besides her two chapbooks, over 150 of Kolankiewicz’s poems and stories have appeared in magazines and literary reviews during the last 30 years. She is available for readings and can be contacted at