Thousands served by Gospel Mission Food Pantry

The Gospel Mission Food Pantry provided food to 10,664 people during the first half of 2014. Gosh, I just had to capitalize this wonderful fact based comment. Other key numbers are:

– Total people served: 10,664.

– Families served: 4,107.

– Bibles distributed: 418.

– Single parents served: 893.

– 65+ served: 650.

– Disabled served: 2,885.

– Children served: 3,529.

– Veterans served: 317.

Thank you! God bless ye!

I want to provide you with several additional comments about the Gospel Mission Food Pantry:

Summer is a tough time for us at the pantry … all of the kids are out of school and food responsibilities fall on parents 100 percent of the time, so our number of children served climbs fast. Last week alone we had 252 child guests.

Late in 2013, we began to pay more and more attention to veterans. Last week we had our first female vet show up at our doorstep. She served two tours on foreign soil and now she needs our help.

Each week we serve between two and five homeless guests.

A young couple has visited us on a weekly basis during June. They are homeless and live out of their car. They are the nicest couple and they are always so anxious to see up. Perhaps we are their only family?

A middle-aged man came to the pantry needing food and someone to talk with but he had such a hard time admitting he needed our help. It was so hard for him to ask for help. He “beat around the subject” for a few minutes and then said, “I need some help.”

All of us have small or large issues that bother us or anger us. Let me share my issue. It is that we are seeing more and more veterans come to our door. Gosh, my Lord, I hate for them to have to ask for food when they have done so much for our country.

As director of the GMFP, I know that going back and finding where our guests heartache began is impossible. I understand that they have experienced a few “wins” and perhaps too many “losses.” I also know that some run from those opportunities that might bring success to them even when good news is so close. It is complicated, so all we try to do is encourage folks, provide food and maybe a new or used piece of clothing.

You see, I want to be in the “smile business.” That’s the way it is at the GMFP.

Hey … take another look at our numbers. I am telling you that 10,664 is a big number and are we ever proud of it! We give our Lord the praise, honey and thanks through our wonderful community as it provides the food necessary for those in need.

A final comment: In life, there are many combinations of people Writers and readers, teachers and students, cops and robbers, drivers and riders, pantry leaders and pantry guests. There are also pitchers and catchers. Our guests pitch a lot of need at us and we try to catch their hearts and toss reality back at them, but only after we mixed in some love and help. I also “pitch” for a lot of help, and I need some of your support this time of the year.

Help if you can. Think of us if you will. And, we ask that you pray for us and those we strive to help.

God bless ye! John 3:16

Candy Waite is director of the Gospel Mission Food Pantry, 309 Lancaster St., Marietta.