Teach-A-Thon schedule at Marietta College

For 24 consecutive hours, someone from Marietta College’s education department will be teaching a class in Erwin Hall starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 31. The 24-hour Teach-a-Thon was organized to raise awareness – and money – for the college’s Pioneer Pipeline Program, which is a nationally recognized, award-winning program. It was created by Bill Bauer and Cathy Mowrer, both McCoy associate professors.

Tuesday, March 31

8 9:15 a.m. History of Deafness: Education, Culture and Community

Ohio History (closed class)

9:30 10:45 a.m. Study Skills 101: Learning to Match your Study Style

Bauer will talk about different study tactics to assist in better education outcomes.

Frances Dana Barker Gage, Coonskin Library

Frances Gage was born outside of Marietta in 1808. Her triune causes (abolition, suffrage, and temperance) influenced American policy and sentiments. The Coonskin Library was created in 1804 in Athens County to provide books for the early settlers. The ingenious manner in which they paid for the books is discussed as well as Thomas Ewing’s part.

11 12:45 p.m. Introduction to Hearing Impairments

Causes, Prevalence, Cultural Implications and accommodations will be discussed. Assistive Devices will also be shown.

Foundations of ECE (closed class)

1 2:15 p.m. Pioneer Pipeline

Transition programming for High School Students with Multiple Disabilities: the Marietta College Model. National Award-Winning Program.

4th/5th Grade Methods (closed class)

2:30 3:45 p.m. Beginning Sign Language

Learning the Alphabet and Numbers in Conversation

Powerful Reading Tutoring

This example of one-on-one tutoring is based off the Reading Recovery model created by Marie Clay.

4 5:15 p.m. Anchoring, Tiering and Differentiating

The classroom to meet all students needs including strategies to be used to assist student learning in a multi-faceted way.

4 9:45 p.m. PLT (Project Learning Tree) Workshop

This six-hour workshop will provide the participant with workshop credit of how best to use the Project Learning Tree curriculum. A certificate will be given at the end of the workshop. There is a $22 fee for the book.

5:30 – 6:45 p.m. The Greatest Responsibility

This is a repeat of Bauer’s Lessons on life as if it was his last “lecture”. Personal stories and his own words of wisdom will be shared.

7 – 8:15 p.m. Sign Language Part Two

Common words ASL/SEE sentence structure will be discussed as well as the main types of manual communication.

8:30 – 9:45 p.m. Life in the Slower Lane

Bauer will discuss his research interests with the topic of Appalachian America. He will discuss history, characteristics and future implications for this much loved area.

10 11:15 p.m. Group Dynamics in the Education Community

Why some groups work and some don’t. Bauer will discuss the types of group situations from the school committee structure, department structure, administrative structure, local, state and national structure and its impact on our learners.

History as Mystery Shoeless Joe Jackson

Should Shoeless Joe Jackson be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame? Participants will look at the evidence to decide if he was truly guilty in the 1919 World Series Black Sox Scandal.

Wednesday, April 1

11:30 12:45 a.m. Using IPADS for Child and Adult learning

Bauer will discuss basic IPAD use as well as share many free IPAD APPS that will be of interest to parents, adults, and children. Ipads are available at this session for usage.

Reader Response Theory

Participants will learn about Louise Rosenblatt’s theory. They will look at the Ordeal by Cheque story to come up with their own interpretation.

1 2:15 a.m. Increasing Access to Assistive Technology in Rural America

Noted author, Bauer will discuss his research and ongoing journal publications on the topic of technology services and devices in Rural America.

Roald Dahl

A brief glimpse at children’s and adult author Roald Dahl’s life, including viewing a small passage from his science fiction television series, Way Out.

2:30 3:45 a.m. Inclusion, Confusion, Delusion and Co-Teaching

How Co-teaching models work in the regular classroom.

Disasters in American History

A brief look at some of the influential, but lesser known disasters in American history.

4 5:15 a.m. Empowering People with Disabilities

Bauer talks from his heart about strategies to empower people with disabilities to become self-determined, self-advocates and assertive with respect. He will also talk about the Ohio Youth Leadership Forum. This is a high school youth leadership program that he started in 1999 and is still operating under the auspices of the Ohio Governors Council on People with Disabilities.

Learning Social Studies through Picture Books

Various picture books will be read and discussed in order to gain an understanding of some important events/understandings in American and world history.

5:30 6:45 a.m. Happiness 101

Bauer will discuss the Simple Happiness Tools based on books by Dan Baker and Leo Buscaglia.

Will the Real Cinderella Please Stand Up?

A discussion of many different versions of this classic story.

7 8 a.m. Diversity in the Classroom (closed class)

World Records

A look at some of the world records that have been created.

* Bauer will teach the first topic listed for each time slot. Mowrer will teach the second topic in each time slot.

** Some topics are closed, as those are regularly scheduled classes with Marietta

College students.

*** The PLT (Project Learning Tree) topic is a six-hour workshop that runs from 4 to 9:45 p.m. This is open to all educators, or community members, who wish to earn a PLT certificate. There is a $22 fee for the required resource book.