Submissions wanted for annual Brides & Grooms publication

Prospective and recent brides and bridegrooms are invited to announce their engagements or weddings in The Marietta Times’ “Brides and Grooms 2018.”

This annual special bridal section will appear in the Times’ weekend edition on Jan. 27-28.

All weddings announced in the special section must have taken place within the past year. Any engagement or wedding announcement submitted for the special “Brides and Grooms” section must not have previously appeared in The Times.

Deadline for information to be received at The Times for the special bridal section is 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 22. Information that is mailed must have a Jan. 22 postmark.

Information to appear in the special bridal section can be emailed to; submitted through the Virtual Newsroom at The Times’ Web site (; mailed to The Marietta Times, 700 Channel Lane, Marietta, Ohio 45750; or hand delivered to The Times’ office at 700 Channel Lane.

Any information that is emailed can also include a photo, which should be submitted as a jpeg attachment and must be print quality.

Announcements intended for the special bridal section MUST have “Bridal Section” or “Brides and Grooms” at the top of the copy so we know that is where you are wanting the announcement to appear. Any information without one of those notations will appear in the regular weekend Lifestyles pages of The Times and not as part of the special section.


¯ Include your name and a daytime phone number in case there are any questions concerning the announcement.

¯ All information should be either typed or legibly handwritten. If an announcement is handwritten, it would be a good idea to print information such as names to make sure we have the correct spellings as when things are handwritten some letters, such as “a” and “o,” look the same.

¯ All wedding announcements must have taken place within the past year.

¯ All wedding announcements MUST include the date the wedding was held.

¯ Weddings and engagements submitted for the special bridal section must not have previously appeared in The Times.

¯ All information submitted is subject to being edited to conform to our standard newspaper style.

¯ If someone who was a part of the wedding party is a relative (such as a brother or sister, cousin, aunt or uncle), feel free to include what relationship they are to the bride or bridegroom.

¯ Names of businesses or individuals (unless it is noted that the individual is a relative) who provided some type of service for the wedding (such as decorating the cake, providing floral decorations or arrangements, or videotaping the wedding) are not included in the announcement.

¯ Photos submitted to appear with the announcement must be print quality. Since the faces of the couple are the most important thing in any wedding or engagement announcement photo for the newspaper, we do ask that the couple’s faces be visible in the photo.

¯ Photos that are mailed or hand delivered should be either an actual photo or submitted as a photo in the jpeg format on a CD. Photos that are e-mailed need to be submitted as jpeg attachments.

¯ Photos that are submitted can be picked up in the newsroom at The Times anytime after publication. Any photo not picked up within 10 work days after it is published may be discarded. If preferred, a photo will be mailed back if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included with the announcement. While The Times cannot guarantee the return of photos, every effort will be made to return them.

¯ There is no charge for wedding or engagement announcements to appear in The Times or in our special “Brides and Grooms” section.

¯ Wedding and engagement forms are available at The Times. It is not necessary, however, to use the forms to have engagement or wedding announcements appear in The Times. Other announcements that have run previously can be used as a guideline for what to include.

¯ For more information: Claire Heiby at 373-2121, ext. 537, or