Belpre High School Science Fair winners announced

Animal Sciences

1st place: Curstin Giffin & Elijah Flowers: Do Animals Display Handedness Like Humans

2nd place: Amaya Mace: What Colors Animals Prefer and Why

Honorable mention: – Brady Clem & Davis Leach: Where Do Earthworms Hangout When Food Is Around

Behavioral &

Social Sciences

1st place: Rachael Hall & Levi Sprouse: Musical Intelligence

2nd place: Sydney Spencer & Sheyenne Curtis-Le: Effect of Phone Usage on Reaction Time

Biomedical &

Health Sciences

1st place: Abbee Kapple & Malcolm Striblin: Does Smell Affect Taste

2nd place: Gabrielle Blaschke:Great Globs of Gluten


1st place: Kyleigh Scott & Isiah Barnhart: Geyser Experiment

2nd place: Madison Harman & Holly Erb: Ice Cream Freezing

Honorable mention: Kelly Erb & Emma Matheny: Choclate Melting

Honorable mention: Kyna Waderker: Lava Lamps

Earth &

Environmental Sciences

1st place: Nicholas Boston & John Duncan: Water Quality

2nd place: Matt Bayne & Walker Feick: How Much Salt Can Be Removed From a Salt Water Purifier?

Engineering Mechanics

1st place: Austin Needs & Andrew Miranda: Air vs. Water Cooling – PC Cooling System

2nd place: Tyce Church & Kayden Wright: Effect of Weight on Distance Traveled

Honorable mention: Sarah Davis & Ryleigh Hannah: The Sun & S’mores

Materials Science

1st place: Isabella Gilbert: Paint vs. Paint

2nd place: Foster Brand & Gabe Vega: Candy Snap

Honorable mention: Les Meredith: What Makes The Best Cotton Candy?

Physics & Astronomy

1st place: Evan Wells & Connor Baker: Take Your Best Shot!

2nd place: Samantha Gainer & Maggie Willey: Think Fast

Plant Sciences

1st place: Domanick Smith & Julia Lockhart: Cabbage Clones

2nd place: Madalynn Roby & Hannah Smith: Water Quality

Honorable mention: Chris Adams: Decaying Food

Overall winners

Austin Needs and Andrew Miranda: Air vs. Water Cooling – PC Cooling System