4-H Club news

Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H Club met July 8, 2018 at the St. John School Pavilion in Churchtown. President Connor Tullius called the meeting to order with Carter Brooker leading the USA pledge and member Kail Bauerbach leading the 4-H pledge. The meeting was both a business meeting and a demonstration meeting for the club. Secretary Isaiah Tullius read the roll call and minutes for the last meeting. Then assistant treasurer Caleb Schaad gave an updated treasurer’s report. The Safety report was given by Kail Bauerbach; the title of the report was “Safety around Natural Gas Leaks.” The Health Report, given by Isaiah Tullius, was titled, “How to Stay Cool in Summer.”

Under advisors’ announcements, the dates for project evaluation were discussed. Three members reported that they would attend 4-H camp and they are Blake Lang-Beginner’s Camp and Chad Land and Caleb Schaad in Junior Camp. Under old business the club decided the date for the big summer outdoor event involving the whole family. The club also voted to give each member who goes to the Tall Timbers Resort a set amount of money to be used any way the member chooses.

Under New Business, Connor Tullius gave a report on his trip to Wyoming with the Interstate 4-H club.

The club then had three demonstrations: Caleb Schaad on “Five Commercial Wholesale Cuts of a Hog” for the swine project, Carter Brooker displayed and discussed his stool made of wood for the “finishing up” book in the wood making project, and Connor Tullius gave a demonstration on safety for the project “Moving Out” when using heavy equipment.

The Cloverbuds did a show and tell about “Making Sailboats” and displayed the sailboats with a sailboat race for the members. The Cloverbuds also discussed water safety for the members of the club.

The next meeting will be the big summer family outing at Tall Timber Resort in New Philadelphia on July 18.

The Churchtown Busy Bunch met July 18, 2018 at the Tall Timbers Resort in New Philadelphia. The meeting was the summer family outing for the club and included 10 members, four advisors, five parents, one grandparent, and four guests. Each member could use their club money any way they wished. Several members went swimming, about eight participated in soccer golf, some did paddle boating, and some did miniature golf. Most members did multiple sports. The members met to carpool to the resort at 10 a.m. and got home by 6:30 p.m. Each member brought their own lunch. Advisors reported a long and fun day.