Club News

Washington County Junior Fair Board

The meeting of the Washington County Junior Fair Board was called to order by Tyler Hartline.

The team building activity was lead by Leann Trippett and Caleb Smith. The activity consisted of getting into groups and stacking cups with tools that you were given.

Since there was no meeting in May, the minutes for the April meeting were approved. Then the meeting continued into old business: there was a report given about the May 5th community service day and discussion about T-shirt design and T-shirt contest for members to sell T-shirt.

Next the committee reports were given. Morgan Antill gave the livestock committee report. Johnna Seevers and Karen Pierson gave the royalty committee report. Leann Trippett and Caleb Smith gave the Senior Fair Board report.

After the committee reports we moved onto new business. The dinner with the Senior Fair Board was discussed and planned for Aug. 9. Representatives to attend the next meeting will be Tyler Hartline, Julia Hartline, and Devin Shutts. Also the team building activity leaders will be Ashley Schultheis and Megan Beaver. It was decided that Cailin McCracken, vice president, would update and continue the social media posts every Sunday.

Finally, we confirmed the businesses we would ask for sponsorship for the fair. The meeting was adjourned by Megan Beaver and seconded by Leann Trippett. The group then broke up into committees.