Local doctor’s guiding principals are biblical

Dr. Jeff Lee

Every once in a while you come across a person who seems to exude a bright spirit. There is a sparkle in the eyes and a pleasant tone in the voice that is somehow encouraging that it’s a good day. After a few moments with this person, things seem brighter and better. Balanced.

For Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Jeff Lee, who practices in Marietta and Cambridge, the balance is kept in check every morning when he opens his eyes.

When asked for his method for balance, Dr. Lee says, “I think about what I want from life, (not how to get it) and I am continually grateful for what I have (and you can’t be half-hearted). The only way to make that happen is to wake up and do it.”

Dr. Lee’s gratitude for life comes from being raised in the Catholic church, with parents who were also interested in the area of personal growth. There were many books from authors such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and others about being your best and how to achieve. His household set goals and set out to do them.

“But there is more to it than reading. Until you come to that moment when you know your life is 100 percent in your hands, and you’re not going to let anybody else affect what you’re going to do,” Lee says, “you cannot change anything.”

Dr. Lee had a business partner for 10 years that ended unexpectedly a few years ago. “It was a huge amount of freedom, like I got out of jail,” he explains. “I didn’t have control of my life in the partnership, even 50/50, in my mind I didn’t have power.”

Shifting into a different work arrangement, Lee took some time to gather himself. “You have to study your mind. If you have a lawnmower and it breaks, you go to a video or manual and diagnose the problems and then go about fixing it. I had tons of psychology, neuro science that was archaic ten years go.”

Six to nine months of studying newer literature about the mind, built on his previous studies in medical training brought some strong insight.

“Breaking it down is really simple. You have two minds: a primitive mind, the caveman brain, fueled by any kind of food, to get everything right now. It just wants to survive. It’ll always pick survival, never worry about tomorrow.

“I had a real problem with my caveman brain wanting everything now. My fourteen years of medical study strengthened my other, the frontal brain, then it gradually overcame the primitive side.

The frontal brain is recent in the last ten thousand years or so, and there is no limit to the developmental brain. We’re developing frontal brain more and more.”

Lee says we didn’t understand this continual development until the functional MRI became a scientific thing. We can now see how the mind literally changes with meditation, yoga, prayer, exercising, doing different things. There is proof that certain parts of the frontal brain become more developed and exerts command over the primitive brain.

This is where Dr. Lee began making new rules for himself. “I defined what I wanted to do as far as overall person in my body, mind and spirit.”

“From the standpoint of health, all three elements come together. You have to sleep, you have to eat right. You just have to do it, and avoid things that take away from your body like drinking too much, smoking, drugs. Your body really is your temple. I know if all I ate was junk food, and stayed up all night, it affects your mind and spirit.”

As for the exercise part of renewal, Dr. Lee doesn’t use the gym. He owns a farm, and there is plenty of hard work to be done there.

Dr. Lee says we can literally change the makeup of your mind. We can practice making new habits and breaking old ones. We can be the best expression of ourselves.

Dr. Lee’s guiding principles are biblical: rejoice always, in all things be grateful, and pray without ceasing.

“I haven’t said, oh God has called me; the absolute best thing I can do is be the very best expression of myself. If I do that, then I will have fulfilled my obligation to my higher power.”