Matamoras High School alumni hold successful banquet

The 58th Annual Matamoras High School Alumni Banquet was held June 8 at Matamoras Elementary School. A social hour was held for alumni to meet classmates and reminisce about the good times at MHS.

The officers were President, Protem Corey Martin; Vice President, Corey Martin; Secretary, Rosalind Taylor Moore; Treasurer, Linda Taylor Kirkbride.

President Corey Martin welcomed everyone. A list of alumni who passed away in the previous year was read: 1940 – Chloe Ellen Fulmer Bernius; 1941 – Elsie Dickson Barks, Jean Parr Nicewander; 1942 – Evelyn Rosenlieb Davidson;. 1946 – Clarissa Fulmer Wilson, Alice M. Swallow MacEwan; 1948 – Lillian Devore Jones; 1952 – Virginia Dennis Hanahan, Gerald Ridgeway, John Henning, Mary Smith Boron; 1953 – Phyllis Henthorn Talbott; 1954 – Tommy Edinger; 1955 – Mary Dickson Byers, Jerry Phipps; 1957 – Ruth Ann Amos Heiney; 1958 – Ronald Wayne Stock, Gilbert Ward; 1961 – Sue Hall Hoffman, Neil Alloway; 1964 – Charles Webster; 1965 – Rusty Rinard, Emmett Hubbard; 1966 – Dave Amos; 1968 – Frank Whipkey; deceased faculty – John Schwartz and Robert William Becker.

Following a moment of silence, Madlynne Galley Webber gave the invocation.

Quinets of New Martinsville, WV served the meal. Following the delicious meal, the veterans were asked to stand and be honored followed by the pledge of alliance.

All who played basketball for MHS and the cheerleaders were asked to stand, while everyone sang the old MHS fight song.

A special “thank you” was given to all alumni who sent donations, which helped purchase two chair carts.

Stories were told of the great times they had at MHS. It was a fun time of reminiscing.

A drawing was held and gifts were given to Delores Carder Hays, Gary Cochran, Fred Hupp, Chester Slonaker, Sandra Cole Bedilion, Barbara Earley Deem, Roger Earley, Mary Edith Hutchison, Ruby Ring, Barbara Tarr Gay and Carole Lohr Wilson. Thanks to Bill Creighton who donated a Matamoras Bulldog blanket won by Roz Moore.

An entertaining presentation was given by Bill and Mary Edith Hutchison. Memories were presented by Mary Lou Carpenter Jackson.

Mary Taylor Bechtold resided over the election of officers. Those elected were: President, Corey Martin, Vice President, Mary Lou Jackson Carpenter, Secretary, Roz Taylor Moore and Treasurer, Linda Taylor Kirkbride.

The classes of 1939, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1949 were honored and each person present received a gift: 1939 the 80 year class, Lila Doan Hill; 1943 the 76 year class, Dorothy Langsdorf Minger; 1946 the 73 year class Phyllis Wright Metheney, guest Delmar Cameron; 1947 the 72 year class Bill Dunn, guest Ellen Best and Ed Archbold. There was no one present from the class of 1948 or 1949.

Other classes honored were: the 65 year class of 1954, the 60 year class of 1959 and the 55 year class of 1964.

Those present were: 1951 – Betty Smith Wise, guest Cathy Stevens, Patty Miller Smittle, guest Katheryn Brown; 1953 – Donna Petty Post; 1953 – William Creighton, Mary Anderson Carson, Rita Walters – Tara Bonnette, Roger Earley, guest Sue Earley and Beth Snodgrass; 1954 – Amanda Alloway Merckle, Deloras Bradfield Hubbard, guest Ray Hubbard, Shyrla Fluharty Bolen, Delores Carder Hays, guest Robert Hays, Joseph R. Dunn, guest Nancy Dunn; 1955 – Vera Baker Eisenbarth; 1956 – Jim Webber, Grace Selmon King; 1957 – Chester M. Slonaker, Shirley Petty Lemasters, guest Natasha Cooper; 1958 – Madlynne Galley Webber, Ruby Selmon Ring, Harry McVey, guest Pat Glover, Glenda Ridgeway Thomas, guest Bill Thomas, Bobby Joe Bradford, Gary Cochran, and Peggy Taylor; 1959 – Bill Hutchison, Mary Hupp Hutchison, Carole Lohr Wilson, Guest Michelle Leasure, Mary Lynch Ward, Shirley Cline Poole, guest Jerry Kocher, Joyce Stokes, Laurel Harrington Demas, guest Tiffany Kirkpatrick; 1960 – Rachel Carson, Gary Cole guest Carrol Cole, Kenny Beaver, Guest Carol Beaver, Sandra Cole Bedilion; 1961 – John Hutchison, guest Carmel Jenkins, Connie Cline Brady, Jim Cunningham, Sandra Schwab, guest Jim Schwab, Edward Lohr, guest Wanda Lohr, Norma J. Buegal; 1962 – Luther Gene Cline; 1963 – Dorothy Morris Ogaz, guest Victor Ogaz, Roger Pryor, Gary Smith; 1964 – Barbara Tarr Gay, Laverna Holdren, Linda Clayton Delong, Dianne Taylor Longfellow, guest Donald Metheney; 1965 – Louis Hupp, Linda Taylor Kirkbride, Becky Wolverton Mullett, Donna Earley Taylor, Candice Hall Kinney, Janice Lollathin Walker, guest Al Walker; 1966 – David Wright, guest Patrica Wright, Mary Taylor Bechtold, Guest Frank Bechtold, Jeanne Pryor Turner, Jo Decker Weber, Barbara Earley Deem; 1967 – Barbara Tarr, Janet Henning Hudspath, Connie Williamson Shook, Gloria Rinard; 1968 – Patty Moore Martin, Jerry Bedilion, Roz Taylor Moore, guest Rick Hinton, Chuck Beaver, guest Sara Beaver; 1972 – Fred James Hupp; Frontier 1996 – Corey Martin.