MCF awards scholarships to several local students

As Washington County high school seniors begin to dawn their caps and gowns, receive their diplomas while their families cheer, and move their tassels from right to left, almost 50 students will be doing so with an added confidence. Marietta Community Foundation has awarded 44 scholarships to 49 local students in the past several weeks. The Foundation has already awarded over $145,000 in scholarships, including past recipients who have renewed their previously won scholarships. This past January, the Foundation announced they had received the largest bequest in their 45 year history from the estate of Adriann “Arie” Janssens. According to Arie’s wishes, the majority of this bequest was to be used to set up a scholarship fund in memory of his late wife Carol Christy. The Carol Christy Scholarship is able to cover up to 50% of a recipients total tuition cost. This year, several students were inducted into the Foundation’s history by being the first recipients of The Carol Christy Scholarship. While the exact amount has yet to be determined, this scholarship could add an additional $177,000 in scholarships; bringing the Foundation’s potential award total to over $322,000.

Foundation Scholarship recipients:

– Abigail Werry; Elks #477 Scholarship.

– Ana-Sophia Beardsley; Carol Christy Scholarship, Jolene Craig Journalism Scholarship.

– Andrea Siders; Connect to Success Scholarship.

– Andrew Rauch; Conlan Opportunity Award.

– Austin Offenberger; Myra P. Berg Scholarship.

– Bailey Harlow; Elks #477 Scholarship, Warren Local Education Association Future Educator Scholarship.

– Brookelyn Heiss; Marietta Soccer League Scholarship.

– Caileigh Moore; Faustena “Frosty” Haas Health Care Scholarship, Trae DeVolld Memorial Scholarship.

– Colby Sleek; Terry Huck Memorial Scholarship, Nancy A. Miller Memorial Scholarship.

– Derek Duckworth; John McCracken Memorial Scholarship, Charlie Spindler Athletic Memorial Scholarship, Elks #477 Scholarship.

– Derek Joy; Magnum Manufacturing Scholarship.

– Diamond Decker; Carol Christy Scholarship.

– Grace Arnold; Noon Lion’s Club Scholarship, Edwin V. Pugh Memorial Scholarship.

– Haley Davis; Art Fordham Memorial Scholarship.

– Halle Richards; James S. & Brenda A. Measell Scholarship.

– Hope Miracle; Myra P. Berg Scholarship.

– Hunter Gilbert; Connect to Success Scholarship.

– Jace Ward; The Mt. Moriah 506 Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship.

– Jared Farnsworth; Conlan Opportunity Award, Charles D. Fogel, Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

– Justin Fouty; Edwin “Jack” Haas Memorial Scholarship.

– Julianna Bottomley; Peoples Employee Scholarship.

– Kaitlyn Engle; Edward Parrish Scholarship.

– Kaleigh West; Mellissa Ann Weckbacher Memorial Scholarship.

– Kaylee Ullman; David C. Barrett Memorial Scholarship.

– Kennedy Schuck; Marietta Soccer League Scholarship.

– Kristen Winstanley; Frontier Ag Science Scholarship.

– Kristyn Villarta; Lisa Marie Wesel Memorial Scholarship.

– Leah Wietrzykowski; Stanton W. Brock Memorial Scholarship, Warren E. Offenberger Scholarship.

– Leilani Lieras-Kelly; Myra P. Berg Scholarship.

– Lexi Mullen; Carpe Diem Scholarship.

– Luke Nelson; Greg Schilling Memorial Scholarship, Elks #477 Scholarship.

– Maddie Moore; Myra P. Berg Scholarship, Kevin O’Brien Kelly Memorial Scholarship, Carol Christy Scholarship.

– Maggie Gottfried; Noon Lion’s Club Scholarship, Carol Christy Scholarship.

– Makayla Feldner; Trae DeVolld Memorial Scholarship.

– Matt Semon; Connect to Success Scholarship, Greg Schilling Memorial Scholarship.

– Matthew Goodman; Marietta Soccer League Scholarship.

– Morgan Connolly; Connect to Success Scholarship.

– Nadine Oliver; Carol Christy Scholarship.

– Natalie Brooks; Mark C. Studenic Memorial Scholarship.

– Nathan Bennett; Pete & Laura Pannier Scouting Scholarship, Penelope “Penny” J. Passavant Academic Scholarship.

– Nicholas Oliver; Peoples Employee Scholarship.

– Rachel Adams; The Mt. Moriah 506 Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship.

– Rachel Baumgard; Anna Laura Masters Memorial Scholarship, Howard & Molly Varner Scholarship.

– Shayla Honaker; Conlan Opportunity Award.

– Sierra Bayless; Conlan Opportunity Award, Charles D. Fogel, Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

– Tia Jarvis; Anderson-Stage Scholarship Award.

– Tim Grosel; Dr. Richard Hille Scholarship For Medical Students.

– Tyler Hartline; Marie Adamson Senior Scholarship.

– Wyatt Miracle; Charlie Spindler Athletic Memorial Scholarship.

Applicants submitted their scholarship application packets by the April 5 deadline. Depending on the scholarship, students had to provide academic information, financial information, and write multiple essays. Once the Foundation compiled all of the application packets, committees and funders determined who would be awarded each scholarship.The Marietta Community Foundation meets National Standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector. Founded in 1974, the Marietta Community Foundation has grown over the years thanks to a number of generous gifts.


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