Marietta police/sheriff’s reports


• Walmart, 804 Pike St., reported Nov. 27 the theft of a substantial amount of jewelry from the store cases. In a security video, a male was observed casing the area before using a tool to open the case and steal the jewelry. He walked out with another male and they left in a four-door Honda with white tape around the back passenger window.

• On Nov. 27, an officer observed a truck in the parking lot of the Second Street Speedway occupied by two males. They ducked their heads as the officer drove by. After observing a traffic violation, they were stopped. The driver was Samantha D. Seevers and the males were Justin B. Hines, of 271 Muskingum Drive, and Ryan E. Carpenter, of 105 Gilman Ave., Lot 2. Both the men initially gave false names. Once identified, they were found to have active arrest warrants. The officer also located three baggies of methamphetamine and an uncapped syringe on the ground by the vehicle. Seevers was charged with driving under suspension, Hines was charged with obstructing police business, possession of drug paraphernalia and for his warrant and Carpenter was charged with possesion of methamphetamine, possesion of needles, tampering with evidence, obstructing official police business and served with his warrant.

• On Nov 27, when Marietta units were tied up on other emergency calls, Washington County deputies were dispatched to 104 Riley Drive, Apt. 5, in reference to a criminal damaging complaint. When a Marietta officer arrived, he was informed that the exterior apartment door was damaged due to someone trying to kick it in. It was learned that the suspect was angry in reference to his dog being taken away by the humane society and thought the victim had called in that complaint.

• An officer was dispatched to 108 Theis Ave., Apt. 6 in reference to David Decker violating a protection order. He had entered the apartment through a window while the victim was not home and hid in a storage room waiting for her. The victim fled and called police. Decker had left the area prior to police arrival but was captured one day later and arrested for burglary and violation of a protection order.

• Coinmatch, 1204 County House Lane, reported Nov. 28 that a washing machine was damaged and coins stolen. This case remains under investigation.

• Walmart reported a shoplifter on Friday. Deborah M. Cox was arrested for stealing $680.18 worth of merchandise. Bonita J. Palmer, of 1927 Seventh St., Parkersburg, was arrested for complicity.

• Officers were dispatched to 701 Virginia St. on Saturday for a domestic violence complaint. Danielle A. Vanwey, of 4755 Waterford Road, was charged with domestic violence.

• On Sunday, officers responded to an armed robbery in progress at Rite Aid, 301 Greene St. They were advised that a black male brandished a gun in the pharmacy and then climbed over the counter and pistol whipped the pharmacist. He then went to the front of the store and ordered the cashier to give him money from the register. He took the cash and fled on foot, past Vogue Swift, where he got into a maroon car with temporary tags. This investigation continues.

Reports/Washington County

• A deputy responded to Waterford Township on Nov. 28 in reference to a possible disorderly conduct incident. This case remains under investigation.

• Deputies responded to Robert Harlow’s residence on Federal Road, Coolville, on Monday for a burglary complaint. This case remains under investigation.

• Deputies responded to the Family Dollar, Beverly, on Monday in reference to a break-in at that location. This case remains under investigation.

• A deputy met with George Amos, New Matamoras, on Tuesday in reference to a four-wheeler being stolen. This case remains under investigation.

• On Wednesday, deputies responded to the Lowell Moose Lodge, 11561 State Route 60, to an alarm at that location Deputies checked the building after the key holder found forcible entry and items stolen. Dispatch also received a call from a Lowell resident advising a male subject was on their porch asking to use the phone as he was hunting and his friends left him behind. As a deputy spoke with him, Miller was sitting on the steps and beside Miller was a bag containing bank bags and other bags. These bags were found to contain cash, and one of the bags also had the words “Moose Daily Deposit” written on it. Miller advised he had no clue where the bag came from and it must have been there. Upon detaining Miller, and placing handcuffs on him, he attempted to flee. After a brief struggle, Miller was secured and placed in the patrol vehicle. Wesley Ian Miller, 31, of 12020 Waterford Road, Waterford, was placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering, safecracking and obstructing official business.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Raymond Edward Spears, 45, of 907 Neal St., Parkersburg, was arrested for possession of drugs and breach of recognizance, felonies, theft, and breach of recognizance, misdemeanors.

• Tyrese James Norris, 19, of 317 Gilman Ave., Apt. C, Marietta, was arrested for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

• Eric Jon Petriken, 48, of 709 Third St., Marietta, was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, misdemeanors, and assault, a felony.

• Wesley Ian Miller, 31, of 12020 Waterford Road, Waterford, was arrested for breaking and entering and safecracking, felonies, and obstructing official business, a misdemeanor.

• Brandon Scott Walters, 36, of 715 Greene St. Apt. A, Marietta, was arrested on a warrant for parole violation, a felony.