Sheriff’s reports

Reports/Washington County

• Elizabeth Sickles, of 17920 State Route 550, Marietta, reported Wednesday that the previous evening her live-in boyfriend Jonathan Harshberger became angry and began acting aggressive by hitting the wall and throwing a chair. Sickles attempted to leave the residence with her children but Harshberger shoved her against the wall and started choking her. Sickles struck her head on the wall by the door. Harshberger threw Sickles onto the couch and attempted to punch her and began choking her again. Sickles said she called 911 and her father but Harshberger took her phone and told her if anyone showed up he was going to kill her. Sickles stated her child was crying, and Harshberger struck the child so hard on the leg it caused a bruise. Sickles attempted to leave three more times, but Harshberger physically restrained her. Jonathan Harshberger, 31, was placed under arrest for kidnapping, a first-degree felony, two counts of domestic violence and disrupting public service.