Marietta police/sheriff’s office reports


• An officer took a complaint Jan. 8 from a husband and wife who had both had their identities stolen.

• An officer responded to Marathon, 498 Pike St., on Jan. 8 in reference to a theft. An unknown white male had entered the store and asked if they would call police if he stole a beer. The employees said they would and he then stole one can from the cooler and left drinking it. Officers in the area located him and took him into custody. Fred Kwiatkowski, of 46 Acme St., was arrested for theft.

•An officer was dispatched Jan. 10 to 1201 County House Lane, Apt. H in reference to property destruction. The building manager said there had been water coming from the apartment and upon entry he observed a large hole caused by water in the attic. The water came from a valve that had been disconnected when a person had broken the drywall between apartments. This case remains under investigation.

• Officers responded to a disturbance Friday at 702 Eighth St. Once on scene units learned that Uriah Hill had shoved his sister down the stairs. He was arrested for domestic violence.

• On Saturday, officers responded to a report of a man trying to steal ladders secured behind 606 Eighth St. The suspect attempted to use bolt cutters to gain access to the ladders but fled when the resident discovered him. The resident followed the suspect to another home where he hid near bushes. Officers followed his footprints n the snow and located him on the porch of 907 ½ Washington St. Ricky David Terrell, of 23676 Andemur Lane, Reno, was arrested for theft, criminal trespass and possessing criminal tools.

• During a traffic stop Sunday a passenger provided a false name and information. The name he provided was that of his brother, who had a warrant. Once the passenger was handcuffed and in a cruiser he said he lied about his identity. He was identified as Daren Earl Moore, of 163 Pam Road, New Matamoras. He had four warrants for his arrest. He was arrested on the warrants and for obstructing official business.

• On Sunday, an officer spoke to a resident of Fifth Street about a prowler she had caught on camera at her residence. She said several neighbors had also caught the subject on camera on their properties. Detectives are investigating.

• Officers responded to Selby General Hospital on Monday in reference to Timothee Lee Singer assaulting a nurse by punching her in the back of the head. He was charged with assault and taken to jail.

• During a traffic stop Monday in the 200 block of Butler Street the officer detected the odor of marijuana. Driver Kelsey Thompson, of 117 Dean St., said she had about an ounce of marijuana in the vehicle along with other items. A search located two ounces of marijuana along with six dosage units of suspected LSD. Thompson was charged with possession of drugs and driving under suspension.

Reports/Washington County

• On Wednesday, jail personnel were made aware of an inmate performing inappropriate sexual acts in front of one of the windows of the jail, which could be viewed by the public. On Thursday, a deputy was in the parking lot at 1115 Gilman Ave., Marietta, and was able to observe Kirk M. Urban, a current inmate, standing in the window of his cell performing inappropriate sexual acts, which could be witnessed by employees in the parking lot arriving at work. Urban also elevated himself inside his cell so that his private area could be seen in the window. Urban was asked to speak with the deputy and he refused. Kirk Michael Urban, 43, of 761 Buckeye Ave., Marietta, will be charged with public indecency, a fifth-degree felony.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Kevin Matthew Hess, 31, of 280 Wittington Road, Marietta, was arrested for fugitive from justice, a misdemeanor.

• Tina Marie Curry, 52, of 220 Spring St., Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Coy Wade Goff, 27, of 8321 Brandonville Pike, Albright, W.Va.,was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Brandon Michael Schmidt, 28, of 839 Ridge St., Marietta, was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments and two warrants, both misdemeanors.

• Dustin Lee McKnight, 33, of 9239 State Route 60, Lowell, was arrested for driving under suspension, breach of recognizance, failure to transfer and expired plates, all misdemeanors, tampering with evidence, having weapons while under disability, carrying a concealed weapon and improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle, all felonies.

• Paula Lynne Hadley, 55, of 101 Sunset Drive, Marietta, was arrested for having weapons while under disability and permitting drug abuse, both felonies.

• Elizabeth Ann Wioskowski, 30, of 200 Pennock Drive, Beverly, was arrested for passing bad checks, a misdemeanor.

• Perry Alfred Judson, 19, of 2301 Moody Ridge Road, Vincent, was arrested for driving under suspension, a misdemeanor.

• Aaron Robert Hinkle, 35, of 400 30th St., Parkersburg, was arrested on a warrant for contempt of court, a felony.

• Dalton Corey Drummond, 26, of 924 Robinson Hill Road, Marietta, was arrested on warrants for contempt of court, a felony, and breach of recognizance, a misdemeanor.