Sheriff’s reports

Reports/Washington County

• The dog warden and humane officer responded to 922 Front St., Lot M9A, Marietta, on Wednesday in reference to two dogs being locked inside a camper without being checked on for several days. The dogs were observed through a window, at which time a search warrant was obtained for the residence/camper. When the officers entered the camper they noted the smell of feces and urine was unbearable, and feces was covering the entire floor. A bulldog/Bbeagle dog, a pitbull/boxer dog and an African Dwarf frog were found to be inside. Both dogs were found to have urine scalding on their paws from the living conditions. One dog was of decent body condition, however the other dog was thin and both dogs were dehydrated. The fish tank was found to be low on water and completely green making it hard to see anything was inside. Two dog bowls and a pan were inside the camper, however neither contained food or water. The bulldog/beagle owner had Christina Geipe caring for his dog, which she agreed to. Geipe had obtained the pitbull/boxer dog in December 2018, and placed it in the camper with the other dog.

During an interview, Geipe stated the dogs were fed daily and the frog was fed twice a day. Geipe stated she was at the camper the evening prior. Geipe was informed that was impossible as tape had been placed on the door and it had not been disturbed.

During the interview process, Geipe admitted she had not been to the camper to care for the animals in approximately three weeks. Geipe said three weeks before she left the dogs with two bowls of food and one container of water. Geipe stated she had planned to come to the camper on this date. A summons was requested for Christina Geipe, 37, of 1606 Hill Street, Apt. C, Belpre, for two counts of cruelty to companion animals. All animals were removed from the camper and Geipe surrendered any rights she had to the animals.

• On Friday, a deputy was transporting Jeremy Warrior Coleman, 34, back to Washington County on a warrant out of Juvenile Court. Coleman began acting out in the rear of the vehicle by kicking the passenger side rear window. Coleman continued kicking the window until the entire back window was out. Upon arrival at the jail, Coleman began climbing out of the back window. The deputy stopped the vehicle and at that time Coleman’s torso was out of the vehicle. Assistance was given by other deputies and they gained control of Coleman and transported him to the Washington County Jail for processing. Coleman is being charged with felony escape and vandalism.

• Deputies responded to a Belpre Township, Little Hocking, on Friday in reference to Jasmine Sands calling 911 advising she needed help as she was being held against her will. Sands she had met a male subject on social media and spoke with him on the social media messaging app, then changed her story that she messaged him on the cell phone. Sands said the male subject met her in Columbus and they returned to Washington County. Sands made other accusations about her time at the residence, however in questioning Sands further she finally admitted that she wanted to return to Montana and was scared and that she was there of her own free will. Jasmine Love Sands, 18, homeless, was placed under arrest for filing a false report.

• Junior Swick, of Anderson Road, Fleming, reported Saturday that a building on the property had been broken into and items removed. This case remains under investigation.

• A deputy was dispatched to the Washington County Juvenile Center on Saturday in reference a juvenile fleeing the center and possibly being involved in an altercation. Deputies arrived at the location and following a brief foot chase the juvenile was taken back into custody. The juvenile is facing charges of escape and vandalism of government property through Washington County Juvenile Court.

• During a traffic stop Saturday on a vehicle driven by William Klintworth, a strong odor of alcohol was coming from the person/vehicle. William Thomas Klintworth, 55, was placed under arrest on two counts of driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs and tail light illumination violation. Klintworth was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing where he refused to submit to testing.

•A deputy responded to 9160 Veto Road, Belpre, on Sunday where it was reported that Logan Grimm had taken a vehicle without permission. Grimm also was reported to have a suspended operator’s license. Prior to deputies arriving Grimm had struck a tree and fence post causing damage to the vehicle. Deputies located Logan Wesley Grimm, 30, of 9160 Veto Road, Belpre, and placed him under arrest for theft of a motor vehicle and driving under suspension.

• Trevor L. Heiss, of 286 Salem Ridge Road, Waterford, reported Sunday that a Stihl chainsaw that had been stolen from a nearby residence. This case remains under investigation.

• During a traffic stop Monday, the driver, Darren Rhodes, appeared to have glassy and bloodshot eyes. An odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected by the deputy. Rhodes attempted to perform standardized field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. A PBT was administered with a result of .248 percent BAC. Darren Terrel Rhodes, 41, of 541 Old Pinola Road, Braxton, Miss., was placed under arrest for OVI and OVI high test, and was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Derek M. Leftridge, 28, of 147 Turkey Knob Road, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Jasmine Love Sands, 18, homeless, was arrested for falsification, a misdemeanor.

• Stephen Wayne Caltrider, 30, of 413 Eighth St., Parkersburg, was arrested for abusing harmful intoxicants, a misdemeanor.

• Jeremy Warrior Coleman, 34, of 1925 Best Road, McConnelsville, was arrested on warrants for nonsupport of dependents and failure to appear, misdemeanors, and charges of vandalism and escape, both felonies.

• William Thomas Klintworth, 55, homeless, was arrested for contempt of court, two counts of driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, tail light illumination, all misdemeanors.

• Sheena Dee Kidd, 33, of 587 Morris Loop Road, Marietta, was arrested for driving under suspension and probation violation, both misdemeanors.

• Eric Ellis Luke, 32, of 115 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, was arrested for obstructing official business, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs and driving under FRA suspension, all misdemeanors.

• Logan Wesley Grimm, 30, of 9160 Veto Road, Belpre, was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, a felony, and driving under suspension, a misdemeanor.

• Joshua Leroy Gore, 30, of 130 Cemetery Drive, New Matamoras, was arrested for theft, a felony, driving under suspension, theft, and unsafe vehicle, all misdemeanors.

• Darren Terrel Rhodes, 41, of 541 Old Pinola Road, Braxton, Miss., was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, two counts, both misdemeanors.